New Case for iPhone 5/5S Adds All the Features Apple Missed From its Product

mf5 by missingFeatures adds 100% of additional Battery Power, Qi Wireless Charging, NFC Mobile Payments, up to 128GB of storage, all packed in stylish protective case.

missingFeatures ( has announced a new power case for iPhone 5/5s which adds all the features people were waiting for.

mf5 includes:

  • Extended Battery
    top-grade cells will double your autonomy, allowing you to do more than ever before
  • Qi Wireless Charging
    no fussing with wires, charge with ease
  • Additional 32/64/128 GB File Storage
    store more files and media. have all your Dropbox / Google Drive files available even when you are off-line
  • Mobile Wallet with NFC
    use your phone for payments

+   Premium Quality Protective Case

Named mf5 this new product gives iPhone owners a combination of 5 functions, dramatically extending iPhone 5/5s capabilities. Its additional battery will give 100% more usage time. QI Wireless charging antenna will provide easy way to recharge the case and the phone without wires. NFC module will allow to use iPhone for mobile payments. Built-in memory up to 128GB to store all your files and pictures. In addition to that mf5 is also built to protect your phone from physical impact, using durable materials, staying stylish at the same time.

Premium IPTV in the UK

“Apple is very careful on adding new features to its products.” – says Nikolai Lebedovsky CEO of missingFeatures, “But users want it. You can see them going nuts about it. Android users have QI wireless charging for years now. Most of new phones are also equipped with NFC and have much better battery life than iPhone. We want iPhone users to get all of it! And to get it now.”

New product will be available soon from manufacturers website at[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]