OneLogin Certified to Work With Microsoft Office 365

Automatic Pairing of Large User Bases With Office 365 Licenses Cuts Out the Complexity of Assigning the Correct Licenses to Different Users

OneLogin today announced that its cloud-based solution for identity management and single sign-on (SSO) has been certified to work with Office 365. The certification assures customers of the interoperability between Office 365 and OneLogin—whether OneLogin is integrated with Active Directory or serves as their sole identity management solution. In a related development, the company also announced that OneLogin is the first solution to offer the automatic pairing of a large user base with Office 365 licenses.

With more than 100 paid OneLogin for Office 365 customers and hundreds of freemium users, OneLogin for Office 365 eliminates the cost and complexity of attempting to use on-premises infrastructure to create a highly available Office 365 deployment. OneLogin delivers high availability plus fast and accurate provisioning and de-provisioning of users, improved security and compliance, and SSO across Web, Outlook, Lync, and mobile mail clients.

“Enterprises are increasingly moving the business productivity suite to the cloud to take advantage of a simplified infrastructure, more frequent product updates, and anytime, anywhere collaboration,” said David Meyer, vice president of products at OneLogin. “But this has created a paradox. To ensure that only the right people have access to the right data, many of these companies are tripling their investments in their on-premises identity management infrastructure, taking a month or more to get Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) machines and experts in place to support authentication and authorization for the various products in the Office 365 suite. This is insane. OneLogin completely eliminates the drag on productivity created by costly AD FS implementations and powers the speed of business in the cloud.”

Cutting Out the Costs of Federating Active Directory with Office 365

  • Radically Simplified Deployment and Management: OneLogin can be implemented as a highly available service in a few hours, with or without Active Directory, and across mixed directory types, such as LDAP and SaaS directories like Workday and Google Apps. OneLogin’s superior architecture scales out to millions of Office 365 users and thousands of Active Directory Organizational Units. Instant provisioning and de-provisioning of users boosts productivity, eliminates security and compliance risks, and removes the friction that fosters shadow IT.

“OneLogin saved us a huge amount of time and resources compared to using Microsoft AD FS, and it eliminated the need for additional servers and maintenance,” said Collin Hachwi, IT infrastructure manager for DISYS. “With OneLogin, we rolled out Office 365 to 4600-plus users across 35 offices globally in half an hour. OneLogin made our rollout fast, simple, cost effective and scalable.”

  • Real-Time Office 365 User Provisioning and License Pairing: Office 365 licensing is complex, but OneLogin’s automatic user provisioning allows a large user base to be quickly paired up with Office 365 licenses for Yammer, SharePoint, Microsoft Communications, Exchange and more. There is no need to manually update each user individually.
  • Reduced Cost, Increased Uptime: Many users do the majority of their work in Office 365 and have zero tolerance for downtime. Yet deploying Microsoft AD FS as a highly available service is a challenge. Most companies will need to invest in additional hardware, software and outside consultants. OneLogin operates with no planned downtime, has no single point of failure, offers an EU hosting option, and has a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee.

“The 99.99 percent uptime guarantee of Office 365 means nothing if the identity management solution isn’t equally robust,” said Meyer. “But most organizations don’t have the time, budget or resources to create a high-availability cluster behind the firewall. OneLogin isn’t just a lower-cost identity management solution; it’s a far better one. In fact, the only reason to attempt to go with Dirsync and AD FS for Office 365 identity management without investigating the alternatives is ignorance.”

  • Integrates Across All Applications: Once deployed, OneLogin for Office 365 also provides identity management and SSO for any other cloud apps used throughout the enterprise—without installing additional hardware or software behind the firewall. OneLogin has more than 3,600 pre-integrated applications in the OneLogin Application Catalog, making it far easier for IT to rapidly cloud-enable an organization, eliminating the specter of shadow IT.

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