Huawei P8 to be unveiled at Media Event in London on April 15

Huawei will hold a media event in London on April 15 to unveil the Huawei P8. According to Jie Jinjin, Huawei’s vice president of handsets, Europe was chosen for the event over the U.S. because that is where the company is selling a large number of its high-end phones.

Don’t expect the P8 to feature a 1440 x 2560 resolution screen. The manufacturer has said that it would rather save the battery life needed to drive a QHD screen. JinJin said that the P8 will continue the slim design of Huawei’s P series, but not at the expense of battery life.

Huawei, which has become the third largest smartphone producer based on shipments, said that it will continue to stay away from the Windows Phone platform, and will not manufacture a Windows 10 phone.

Huawei’s CMO for mobile, Shao Yang, explains that all Windows Phone models are the same, leaving Huawei little room to differentiate itself in the market. With Android, Yang says that Huawei’s Android phones add unique characteristics that other Android manufacturers don’t have.

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