Microsoft launches Xim, a new image sharing app

Microsoft has launched Xim, a new image sharing app, available for iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

The idea behind Xim is to be able to share photos with your friends without needing your phone to make a full circle around the table, with a constant “Look at this picture, now look at that, no wait, let me see what you are looking at… yeah, that one!”. The way it accomplishes this is by having one “parent” device (your phone) feed your slideshow directly to the others’ devices in a synced manner – so you’re all looking at the same picture. And to make it easier for your friends to receive – they don’t need to have Xim installed on their handsets, as it has web-based client as well.

It works like this – you launch Xim, pick the photos you want to share, and pick the contacts you wish to share them with. The recipients will get a text message with a link to the web client. When they click it – they are in – seeing exactly what you are seeing. Any member of the viewing party can add text comments, just in case you are not in the same room, and if anyone else has the Xim app as well – they can also add pictures to the slideshow as you go. The images delete themselves after a certain amount of time, so that means less storage or privacy concerns.

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