Cocoon JS 1.4.7 Cloud Compiler can now Export to Tizen

Ludei just released a new version of Cocoon JS with improved Tizen support.

The new version of CocoonJS cloud compiler will now be able to export to Tizen.

Ludei have already partnered with Goo Technologies to provide game developers the ability to create amazing WEBGL games with rich 3D visuals using Goo Technologies’ Goo creator or Goo game engine.

CocoonJS is a technology that helps HTML5 developers publish their web-based games and apps in the most important mobile and web stores with no code changes and with all the advantages of native development.

Using CocoonJS, a single code base is enough to publish a game or app natively on more than 10 stores. Best of all, with no installations thanks to our cloud-based platform.

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