Crypto Legions

Crypto Legions Top Security Gamefied Experience Launched for Crypto-Driven Game Lovers

Crypto Legions has added an extra layer of security to the fairness and token distribution of the game to all its players—a system that utilizes the use of two or more private keys in an unusual way—a big time protection from hackers and nefarious characters.

The general public, NFT enthusiasts, Crypto investors and game lovers are at a very high risk of crypto scam.

Crypto Legions core team launched their game some months back and they set up a BLST community where players can easily interact, catch fun and get updated on the current trends in terms of security and the blockchain ecosystem at large.

Growth, popularity, and funding have allowed the Crypto Legions team to always maintain and improve their security to the highest possible levels. All 18 of their contracts have been security tested to the highest levels through an in-depth CertiK audit.

Recently, the team has implemented even more measures better to protect the project from hackers and nefarious characters. They have officially transferred ownership of the BLST token contract to a Multi-signature wallet, on top of re-locking the development and marketing tokens on a slower release vesting schedule.

Cryptocurrency criminality has reached an all-time high. That is why it is critical to go back in time and learn from prior mistakes in order to develop solutions that will bring us one step closer to finding a permanent solution to harmful emails, investment scams, malware, or brute force digital asset private key, among other things.

All we need is a shift in viewpoint to dissuade crypto crimes, resulting in a drop in crypto crime and significant savings for investors.

“Crypto wallet is similar to a bank account but the main difference is it is controlled by a key that only you control. You use this [private] key to initiate transactions, which is called signing,” says Joel Dietz, founder of Art Wallet and contributing developer to MetaMask.

The Crypto Legions team analysed this statement and they worked on the most vital layer of security which is the private key. The fundamental ideas driving Multisignature wallets are promising tools for the future of cryptocurrency because several private keys are required for signing transactions. Multisig wallets guarantees greater security.

BSCscan transaction of contract ownership being transferred to Crypto Legion MultiSig wallet.

BSCscan transaction of a generous donation to the rewards pool.

Even after this generous donation, there were still 100,000 available development and marketing tokens. The team then proceeded to re-lock these 100,000 tokens on a 6-month vesting schedule. This is another of the great actions the team is taking to ensure the security and safety of their investors and players.

The team recently announced the healthy growth and high-end security of the game economy. This growth is very vital to the future growth and development of the Crypto Legion for anyone worldwide.

The decentralized system was given an extra layer of security through this system and the general public and investors can be certain of top security! Danny, the founder recently said: 

“It’s great to see how healthy our game is and how fast our Legion is starting to grow! We will continue to provide our amazing community of hunters with a safe playing environment they can enjoy with peace of mind,” says the Founder of Crypto Legions, Danny.