DRIVEN Trading Launching Trading Education Platform in the Metaverse

DRIVE Trading is going into the Metaverse

DRIVEN, a global community of trading enthusiasts led by a team of documented, professional traders, has been booming in several countries, as high accessibility allows people to easily complete trades from their phones anywhere in the world.

But they aren’t stopping there. In their efforts to impact a major global audience, DRIVEN Trading is going into the metaverse.

Modern society has been experiencing an extremely fast pace of technological advancements, impacting culture and social behaviours. From social media to virtual reality and the blockchain, within one generation, the world changed the way people consume entertainment, interact, run businesses, work, trade and meet new people.

With the metaverse development approaching, companies are racing to stay up-to-date and relevant, as NFTs reach mainstream status and meta real estate is blooming.

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But for DRIVEN Trading, there is a lot more to it: there is an opportunity to maximize impact, develop gamified experiences and not only reach more people globally, but teach them real life skills that will impact their lives, such as the name suggests, trading. 

“The metaverse gives us the ability to develop immersive experiences both social and educational. People will be having a lot of fun and at the same time, they will be exposed to world-class trading education that can change their lives forever,” says DRIVEN Trading CEO Cory Kromray.

The DRIVENverse will count with several spaces for people to learn, play, and socialize within the DRIVEN community, from the DRIVEN HQ boasting luxury conference rooms and the DRIVEN Trading Academy Experience, to the DRIVEN MetaStadium, designed to host live events and entertainment, including a 24/7 MetaClub and an underground NFT MetaMuseum featuring DRIVEN NFTs, which hold the keys to everything DRIVENverse.

The DRIVENverse is set to launch on July 22, 2022, and the only way to get access and passes is by holding one of the DRIVEN NFTs. DRIVEN NFTs Alpha collection will become available to the public on May 28, so the general public will still get a chance to get passes to the DRIVENverse MetaParty that will happen July 23, as well as day passes to the entire DRIVENverse for a one of a kind never before seen experience.

“Major corporations use social media and virtual reality to distract people into consuming products they don’t need. DRIVEN will be coming in strong to in opposition to that, teach people how to attain financial freedom. Because it’s time we use all this technology available to us to actually help people in real life. That is the mission,” says DRIVEN CMO Livia Fisher-Kane.