Hells Kitchen Metaverse

Gordon Ramsay bringing Hells Kitchen to the Metaverse

Award-winning reality show is opening its first-ever virtual restaurant and chef-themed game experience

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is bringing the Hells Kitchen TV program to the Metaverse via decentralized gaming platform The Sandbox (SAND).

The Sandbox partnered with ITV Studios, the show’s distributor, to bring Hell’s Kitchen onto their own parcel of land on the Ethereum-based metaverse.

It will be the platform’s first cooking themed game, where players can virtually create dishes, collect recipes and join competitions to be a head chef.

Through the partnership, Hell’s Kitchen restaurant experiences designed with input from Ramsay will be hosted on ITV’s LAND in The Sandbox.

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Additionally, Hell’s Kitchen-themed assets, including limited edition Gordon Ramsay avatars, will be available down the line for players and creators to include in their own original experiences.

Hell’s Kitchen is a five-time Emmy-nominated reality show in which aspiring chefs compete for the opportunity to run one of Ramsay’s eateries.

The Hell’s Kitchen restaurant setting, seen in a new teaser video below, will represent the first experiences based on cooking themes to appear in The Sandbox.

“There’s nothing more exciting to me than chartering new territory, whether that’s creating a signature dish, a new restaurant concept, a new show, or now a virtual experience in The Sandbox,” said Gordon Ramsay. 

“I’ve been fascinated by The Sandbox and its offering in the metaverse. I couldn’t think of a better platform to bring the high energy of my Hell’s Kitchen restaurant and brand.”

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