iSpeed is a Move-To-Earn project with All in One trending mechanism

iSpeed is a Fitness-Fi project using Game-Fi Trilemma that focus on these essential for an attention catching project

Move-to-Earn is an ecosystem where crypto is earned by moving with a tracked app just like any other gps app or device that has been used for health-activities.

iSpeed is attempting to lower the entry requirements for non-crypto trainers. These users are the actual runners for health, not crypto. Therefore, no matter how token price goes, iSpeed total users won’t drastically decrease. 

iSpeed is a Fitness-Fi project using Game-Fi Trilemma that focus on these essential for an attention catching project:

  • A great graphic and design to attract a large targeted demographic and are crypto friendly/curious 
  • A smooth Move-To-Earn mechanism that maintains the consistency of the App and project. 
  • Easy access and understandable for non-crypto players. 
  • The game’s core design must be built around a smooth game-asset-transfer capability. 

Not only is iSpeed a Move-to-Earn project, but also satisfies most of the current trending mechanisms such as: NFT, Farming, and Web3.0.

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  • iSpeed ensures users that they will be profitable based on training fitness and vice versa. Because Fitness is the biggest Profit you can earn with iSpeed. The main task for all iSpeeders is collecting NFT. 

    iSpeed will offer:
  1. NFT Bicycles for cyclists
  2. NFT Sneakers for runners 
  3. NFT Shoes for walkers 

Core things you should know for your DYOR 

iSpeed is Safu (Secured Asset Funds for Users). The company will lock the liquidity and renounce ownership of the liquidity pool (LP) for 2 years.

Dev will provide the LP from personal funds to create liquidity for initial users. This will provide the safest security for new users in a time where people in black hood are all over the decentralized world. 

iSpeed will be fair and stealth launched. There will be no Whitelist, Private sale or Presale. This is the fairest launch for everyone.

Liquidity will be funded by dev’s own money, so people can freely farm, trade at the very first stage of the project without the worry of rugpull, since technically devs do not have any access to the buyer’s funds.

The official launch time will be announced 1 hour beforehand on the community server. By doing this, iSpeed believe they will optimally prevent whale and bot buying, which can possibly become dumps in the future. We also have the anti-whale mechanism at the launch time. 

iSpeed Cyclist

In iSpeed development, there will be 2 main phases: 

Phase 1a – Farming

While waiting for the Move-to-Earn App to be finished. iSpeeders will be using their purchase NFT for “NFT farming”.

This process is the way to obtain iSpeed token. Please notice that the governance token can only be obtained by farming your NFT or direct buy through Pancakeswap. 

Phase 1b — Marketplace

There will be a marketplace published in Phase 1 for people to trade their NFT.

There will be different kinds of NFT with different rarity. The APR% for farming tokens will depend on the rarity of NFT. More details will be announced later or available in the whitepaper. 

Phase 2a — Move-to-Earn

Investors can start earning after the completion of the App. These are ways to earn through the App: 

Mining rate: The fixed rate to determine how much token is earned per 1 energy 

Average speed in the range of an Energy cycle within the allowed range of NFT (Shoes, Sneakers and Bicycle) will be counted as valid, otherwise energy will be lost and no reward tokens will be received during that cycle. 

NFT will be managed and limited according to the number of users participating in the Move-to-Earn activity from the application. This will avoid NFT and token inflation. It will also help keep the value of NFT sustainable.

Phase 2b — NFT rental

The iSpeed NFT rental program will be launched in a short time after the app launch. This program allows users to rent or lease the NFT. Renters will pay the fees for the NFT owner upon finishing their Move-to-Earn activities.