Juniverse Aims to Build a Healthier World Through Blockchain

Juniverse will reward users for their health-centric decisions

Juniverse, a start-up aiming to make food and health supplement products from scratch, is working to make the world healthier with blockchain technology.

Founded by John Soo in 2021, Juniverse is developing a health application to build awareness surrounding health knowledge.

Many around the world struggle to find reliable health products or methods to improve their wellbeing. The Juniverse health app will provide such information, alongside a store for users to invest in health products to positively alter their lifestyles.

The Juniverse application will also serve to replace traditional health applications like those that track steps and caloric intake.

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Juniverse will track this information as well, but it will reward users for their efforts via the Juniverse token. Each Juniverse token is equal to $1 in value, and will be used to buy health products within the Juniverse application.

“We want to make the world a healthier place, and the best way to do so is to reward users for their efforts. By building a community of users all aiming to get healthier, we’re incentivizing citizens worldwide to become their best selves and earn a passive income while doing so.” said Juniverse CEO John Soo.

A company incorporated on the British Virgin Island, named Juniverse Global Ltd focuses business operations around superfruits eg: Jaboticaba plus creating a health app catering to health-conscious consumers permitting usage of Juniverse tokens to get health products. 

As of now, Juniverse first batch products include Fresh Jaboticaba Fruit, Jaboticaba Energetic Vinegar, Jaboticaba Stingless Bee Honey, Enzyme Fibre, Peptide and Natto energy antioxidant drink mix powder.