KENSKR launches AI quantitative aggregation platform

KENSKR uses smart contracts as a technical guide and trading as a starting point to create a stable inflow of money.

KENSKR has launched an AI quantitative aggregation platform based on its self-developed algorithms, a sign that KENSKR is exploring and involving itself in the field of quantitative AI trading.

The KENSKR-AI Quantitative Aggregation Platform (KSR) is dedicated to building a one-stop application cloud service to enable most applications in the market to always run in an automated, optimized, and scalable manner on various complex architectures.

The platform also provides a one-stop solution for multi-cloud hash operations for users with high hash requirements.

Through this service, KSR provides greater choice, low latency for high-speed communications, improved security for users, while reducing costs for existing applications.

KENSKR’s quantitative contracts focus on AI quantitative trading, which can efficiently leverage blockchain technology to allow traders to arbitrage between USDT, BTC, ETH, and other assets.

In other words, by leveraging the consensus and futuristic nature of blockchain technology, KENSKR users can arbitrage any assets with multiple strategies based on AI decisions.

The KENSKR platform includes triangular arbitrage, double arbitrage, high-frequency quantitative trading, turtle trading, MACD trading, grid trading, and other trading strategies.

In addition to AI-based trading strategies, the platform also has a number of well-known analysts who offer a diversified investment portfolio to provide investors with substantial returns.

KENSKR uses smart contracts as a technical guide and trading as a starting point to create a stable inflow of money.

At the same time, it brings users more information about the industry, helps integrate global financial derivatives and digital asset trading platforms, builds a powerful global financial trading service complex, innovates trading methods with technology, and gradually creates an integrated blockchain service platform.

In the future, KENSKR plans to not only focus on quantitative investment and management of crypto assets, but also establish an incubator for early-stage blockchain and AI projects.

In this way, the company aims to apply its existing mature technology to other areas and bring in industrial innovation.