MetaBlox to pre-launch its first miner-pegged NFTs

First MetaBlox miner-pegged NFTs will be limited pre-launched

The first ever miner-pegged NFT with cloud mining capabilities will be pre-launched by MetaBlox on August 24th on Binance.

MetaBlox is a leading project in Decentralized Wireless Network (DWN) and Decentralized ID (DID) sectors. It is an important infrastructure for Web3.

The MetaBlox NFT, a crypto mining NFT, will link to a miner that provides the general public with free Wi-Fi at particular locations. The miners generate passive income (MBLX tokens) for the NFT holders.

The value of traditional NFTs usually supported by following aspects:

  • Practical nature
  • Legality
  • Sentimental value

The value of NFTs in practical nature, which usually are supported by its corresponding commodity like digital tickets, digital albums, or game tool.

The legality function of NFTs also enable users to use them as IDs to get different services issued by its platform. At the same time, there is certain part of NFTs that have IP effects offers emotional value as well.

Crypto Mining NFT: Earn Easy Crypto

Even though traditional NFTs still have certain market share, and enough reasons to draw attention, crypto mining function of MetaBlox NFT empowers new fundamental support to the value system of NFTs. 

Since MetaBlox NFTs connect to a hotspot miner, each NFT earns ongoing $MBLX profits for holders. This feature is the NFTs cloud-mining utility.

NFT holders start earning crypto from the miners on December 12th, 2022. Holders won’t pay any operating costs of the pegged miners – they’ll just get their profits.

On the MetaBlox app you will be able to monitor your mining progress and view the amounts earned. Cloud mining tokens will be deposited into NFT holders’ crypto wallets.

Beyond that, MetaBlox NFTs holders could also benefit from other lucrative NFT utilities as well:

NFT Staking

For more crypto profits, the MetaBlox NFT is also stackable. To earn $MBLX tokens before December 12th, there will be a staking pool into which anyone can deposit their MetaBlox NFT.

NFT staking rewards will be earned daily between September 12th and December 12th. Flexible staking will let holders withdraw their NFT from the pool anytime and keep their staking earnings from the previous days.

All profits from this period will be deposited into wallets on December 12th.

VIP Community Pass

The NFT is also a VIP pass to MetaBlox communities, getting holders into special events and providing access to airdrops from GameFi partners, boosted incomes from DeFi partners, as well other location-based services. Expect special airdrops from various sources as Web3 grows.

Ecosystem Compatibility

In the future, NFT holders will also be able to obtain co-mining tokens from ecosystem partners, as the MetaBlox NFT is equipped to receive tokens besides $MBLX.

During the NFT NYC event earlier this year, the MetaBlox team successfully demonstrated how the MetaBlox miners and app work together. The app connected to a miner, calibrating it to receive $MBLX.

Meanwhile, to better distribute WiFi hardware and services to every corner of the world. MetaBox joined the world’s largest open roaming network alliances, Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA).

As planned with WBA, by the end of 2023 there should be 2.5 million MetaBlox open roaming nodes, 500 thousands of MetaBlox mining nodes, and which serve over 25 million users.

“It’s an honour to be developing the first miner-pegged NFT” said Jeffrey Manner, MetaBlox’s Co-Founder and Team Lead.