MetaTag launches NFT Registration Platform

MetaTag's platform enables users to verify who they say they are

NFT registration platform MetaTag, is to give gamers worldwide full control of their digital identity across all aspects of the Metaverse, NFT games, online gaming platforms and exchanges. Players will be able to register a username or gamertag of their choice on the blockchain to use in game, creating a fully owned digital alias for the first time ever.

Built by gamers for gamers with a world class team from the likes of Goldman Sachs, Riot and Kraken, MetaTag’s platform enables users to verify who they say they are and consolidate all their disparate personas into one cohesive identity through their gamertag /username in the form of a NFT on the blockchain.

This verified identity is then transferable across gaming platforms and the Metaverse. It enables users to build a gaming profile that is 100% owned by them, which no one can copy or counterfeit, eliminating the risk of gaming identity theft. It essentially gives users one identity across the Metaverse.

Saad Naja, Co Founder and CEO of MetaTag, said:

“For any pro or up-and-coming gamer your username/gamertag is your brand. With 3.1 billion gamers worldwide, we realize how important and personal their username or gamertag is, in showcasing their online persona and creativity.”

Collaborating with some of the world’s leading gaming companies, such as Atari Token, MetaTag will be fully integrated into a range of future product releases, enabling players to not only secure their lifelong identity but also gain access to unique in-game features. These include discounts and pre-sale offers on a range of NFT P2E games, savings on purchasing land in different metaverses, and special characters/powers when you hold a verified MetaTag.

Tied to each user’s MetaTag is their in-game-stats and achievements, so gamers can see how they rank against the competition in certain fields. Users will also be able to link external data here, such as their Twitch streams and social handles – essentially creating the first dedicated linktree for gamers.

Additionally, when it comes to payments on exchanges and DEXs, verification of a user’s identity is especially important. By having a registered username or gaming tag, a user’s legitimacy to make or receive payments will be immediately verified.

Payment will also be simplified – rather than copy and pasting long hexadecimal addresses, MetaTags can also be used as a payment address and users will simply be able to send funds to a user’s registered Gaming tag/username.

Frédéric Chesnais, CEO of Atari Token says,

“Atari Chain is excited to be integrating with MetaTag for the release of our upcoming Metaverse and P2E game. We believe identity is going to play an extremely important role in the space and our integration with MetaTag will ensure gamers and users can carry their brand and identity with them in the digital world.”

How to Mint a Username

  1. Click on the register username button
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet
  3. Type in the username you want
  4. Click register and confirm the minting of your NFT
  5. Go to Opensea to view your NFT username