Netra Decentralized Social Media Promises Full Ownership of Content and Identity

Netra's decentralized platform lets you stake your reward tokens to earn around 101,76% APR

Netra has launched its decentralized social media. SocialFi, an improvement over social networks, offering an opportunity for you to make real-world money.

SocialFi, short for social finance, is the combination of social networking and blockchain finance, and that’s what a brand like Netra is pursuing. 

Netra intends to use SocialFi to put a smile on the faces of content creators, developers, and influencers. The company plans to reward users with a fair share of the revenue earned for uploading ads.

Netra SocialFi Private Sale (Whitelist)

This Whitelist is exclusive and limited. Only 100 BNB.

The whitelist option is now open and closes at 10:00 PM UTC on July 26, 2022

To be eligible for the Whitelist, participants must:

  • Join their group Community
  • Follow them on Twitter.
  • Submit your Whitelist Private-sale application by filling this whitelist form (make sure all the data is correct and can be contacted)
  • Their official admin will contact whitelist participants via telegram or email within 3-5 hours.

All lists will be checked in the form of BEP-20 addresses, Telegram Handles, and Twitter Accounts. Any entry that has not completed all of the steps above by the end of the round will be disqualified.

They will randomly select the final Presale participants from these whitelist entries and announce the winners soon after.

Netra SocialFi Features

Full Ownership of Your Content & Identity.

In the past, the content and projects of content creators used to be stolen, Netra SocialFi has changed that narrative.

When you create content to be monetized on Netra SocialFi, you will not only enjoy full ownership of your content, your identity will also be protected.

Social Media + Blockchain

Netra SocialFi integrates the two worlds of social media and blockchain to offer users a novel platform for content sharing with monetization options.

Netra SocialFi offers enhanced privacy and censorship resistance so that you can network with different groups of people from across the world.

Earn Crypto Reward & DeFi

Netra SocialFi gives everyone on their platform an opportunity to earn real-world money. As a user or stakeholder, you stand a chance to earn crypto rewards.

The goal is to reduce spamming, increase genuine engagement, and help creators to monetize their brands.  

Convert like, share, and comment into Netra Token

Netra SocialFi will reward users with Netra tokens when you like, share, and make comments. In other words, unlike other social media platforms, you will earn real-world money from your likes, shares, and comments.

Reward and Tips

If you upload creative content on Netra SocialFi, you will enjoy massive rewards from your loyal viewers. You can convert the rewards to real-world money and withdraw the same to your bank.

Netra DeFi Staking

Netra’s decentralized platform lets you stake your reward tokens to earn around 101,76% APR.