NFT Launches Public Beta

The Company also announced several platform-related launch partnerships with prominent brands

Immutable Holdings has officially launched in public beta, enabling all users to mint and create profiles, discover new and existing collections, purchase and sell NFTs wherever they are listed, and enjoy lower marketplace fees.

The Company also announced several platform-related launch partnerships with prominent brands from Web3 and consumer product sectors, including, among others, Unstoppable Domains, Allure Bridals, SuperNormal, and The Doge Pound.

The NFT market is currently plagued by complex user experience, fragmented liquidity, and limited to no social data. New brands and creators enter the space every day, but users do not appear to have a single place to discover their collectibles. works to address this problem as a one-stop shop for NFTs. The platform brings artists, collectors, creators, and fans together to buy, sell, and engage with NFTs wherever they exist.

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Central to its platform, introduces the concept of a social profile represented as an NFT called a “NFT Profile”. NFT Profile holders get access to exclusive benefits, including lower marketplace fees, exclusive features, and fully customizable galleries for their own NFT collections.

Users of can also buy and sell NFTs natively on the marketplace as well as other third-party marketplaces through the platform’s aggregator and transaction router. As an initial launch promotion, NFT Profile holders will be able to use the marketplace with no fees for a limited time.

Until now, had operated in private beta. The platform has already amassed over 9,000 created NFT Profiles and 9.7 million NFTs displayed and accessible through the website.

Prior to the public beta, users were required to hold a Genesis Key with their Web3 wallets, which represent a unique fully animated NFT collection that enabled holders to create the initial NFT Profiles platform and participate in its early community.

“NFTs define the future of how creators, brands, entertainers, and more will engage with their fan bases”, said Jordan Fried, Immutable Holdings the CEO and Chairman.

“We believe is the easiest, most accessible way for new crypto users to enter the NFT space and begin to grow their collection.”

Lastly, the public beta will feature launch partnerships with leading NFT creators who will make their collections directly accessible through their own NFT Profile. This includes Unstoppable Domains which will allow users to purchase their own digital identifies directly on

“Bringing Unstoppable Domains to means you can purchase your Web3 domains on the primary or secondary market, without additional transaction fees,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains.

“We’re excited to help onboard the next wave of users to Web3 through a consumer-friendly, one-stop-shop for NFTs.”