Nody launches a new Web3 Solution for distributed node infrastructure

Company allows its users and DApp developers to integrate and develop their products without launching their nodes.

Nody is a new web3 solution for distributed node infrastructure, effortless dApps creation and integration. It allows DApp developers to integrate and develop their products without launching their nodes which is a very costly, lengthy, and time-consuming job.

Nody services can be instantly deployed and accessed via a dedicated and user-friendly admin panel. Nody is designed to support multiple blockchains. Multiple types of logs, states and events are recorded and are easily accessible from the admin panel; this option is significant for developers. 

The company has introduced their three main features, which are beneficial for all the people seeking a convenient crypto platform:

  1. The powerful web 3.0 infrastructure solution proposed by Nody provides distributed and reliable infrastructure, one-click deployment and management to its users and crypto enthusiasts.
  2. The company also possesses features that power the Web3 ecosystem, enabling users to work with distributed node infrastructure for effortless dApps creation and integration.
  3. It contains automatic node deployment & management wherein users can launch nodes remotely and access them anywhere.
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Moreover, Nody provides instant access to EVM networks via the WebSocket API or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure to seamlessly create the client’s dApps. Nody is dedicated to providing users with a dashboard that supports a wide range of customization.

All Nody.ai services can only be obtained using the native currency of the Nody – NODY token (NODY). Token will have multiple utility functions, such as DAO voting power, staking etc. The platform offers the following exclusive services to the crypto enthusiasts:

  • Distributed and reliable infrastructure, one-click deployment, and management
  • Effortless dApps creation and integration
  • Remote node launch and access:
  • Automatic nodes deployment and management

Nody Token (NODY)

The newly launched token will be required to activate any service on the nody.ai platform. People can delegate their NODY Tokens and receive rewards from the company’s revenue streams. The staking will be launched by Q2 2022, and API Docs will be posted before Public Beta Launch (Q4 2022).

Currently, the project is in closed beta, and early access can be requested by sending an email to support@nody.ai.