Permission.io and Treasure Data to Launch Web3 Dedicated Customer Data Platform

Advertisers can now maximize Permission.io's crypto audience with Treasure Data's advanced analytics and customer journey orchestration capabilities

Permission.io has teamed up with Treasure Data through which it will utilize its Customer Data Cloud suite of solutions, including its enterprise customer data platform (CDP).

The collaboration allows advertisers using Permission Ads – the industry’s first demand-side platform offering crypto rewards – to leverage Treasure Data’s CDP to collect, unify, and segment customer profiles.

With this new integration, Permission.io has greatly expanded its infrastructure and utility for the Permission Token (ASK), which powers a new Web3 advertising model based on user consent and value exchange.

Permission Ads enables advertisers to allocate ASK tokens as part of their campaigns, and reward users for engaging with ads and sharing zero-party data. By asking permission and incentivizing users to opt-in, advertisers build permissioned, first-party audiences while respecting user privacy.

Now, brands and agencies using Permission.io’s proprietary DSP can harmonize Web3 user engagement within the larger marketing ecosystem and establish a single source of truth through Treasure Data.

“As brands strive to improve user experience (UX) and business outcomes, CDPs play a critical role to ensure the array of consumer touchpoints result in effective omni-channel campaigns,” said Permission CEO Thomas Shin.

“We are extremely excited about our integration with Treasure Data’s CDP, which will allow our marketers to boost UX while maximizing return on marketing investments in this new era of Web3 advertising.”

Treasure Data CDP has become foundational to the marketing tech stack by helping brands attain a more holistic view of the customer.

In that vein, Treasure Data recently committed to a new vision around connected customer experience, where operations and customer engagement teams work together to connect seemingly disjointed customer touchpoints from across the entire enterprise to produce a single, unified customer journey.

“For years, the world’s largest brands have turned to Treasure Data to harmonize data from multiple channels and maximize the value of their customer data,” said Kaz Ohta, CEO/Co-Founder at Treasure Data.

“The future of advertising is permission-based, and our collaboration with Permission.io demonstrates Treasure Data’s commitment to enabling companies to create connected customer experiences across the open web.”