Rapid Meta

Rapid Mobile rebrands as Rapid Meta

Rapid Meta rebrand includes an updated website, a refreshed digital strategy and office redesign.

Rapid Mobile has changed its company name to Rapid Meta, as the company set out new growth plans and an expansive slate of new international content.

The rebrand includes an updated website, a refreshed digital strategy and office redesign. The rebrand is in a bid to connect all areas of the business including digital, media creative and the launch into the metaverse, an important new phase in the digital world.

During the course of the pandemic, the change that has been taking place across the business, meant that the media arm of Rapid Mobile had been quietly expanding from covering solely mobile and technology news to covering the Connected world and more, beyond mobile and smartphones.

Quite clearly, our branding no longer accurately reflected the breadth of our service offering, and the name of our business had become too limiting.

Vickie Cochrane, Co-Founder of Rapid Meta said:

“Our rebrand is an incredibly exciting time for us, particularly as we’ve grown so much over the course of the pandemic”.

While a full-fledged metaverse might be years away, if not more, with core technologies like 5G, affordable AR and VR technology and edge computing still in its infancy, complex demands of Metaverse operations still need some time.”

Work for many has turned into a series of Zoom meetings, people are buying virtual real estate, and children are spending time with their friends in Fortnite and Roblox.

The metaverse is rapidly evolving from a 3D world for gamers to an alternative online universe. Some of the biggest names in the tech world see the metaverse as the future — an online world where real financial transactions will take place.

The metaverse is evolving on a daily basis and Rapid Meta is evolving with it.

In addition, Rapid Meta has changed its website domain and email addresses from rapidmobile.biz to rapid-meta.com.