Seoul Metropolitan Government launches “Virtual Municipal World” Metaverse in beta

Seoul Metropolitan Government has launched a beta version of its “Virtual Municipal World”, Metaverse Seoul.

Seoul is investing KRW 7 billion this year and by 2026, the South Korean capital aims to have a metaverse environment for all administrative services, including economy, education, culture, and tourism.

The pilot will gather feedback from users to improve the experience and catch bugs before the official release of the first service phase scheduled for the end of November.

During the beta test period, selected users can access Metaverse Seoul using a personal avatar and experience what Seoul called “realistic virtual spaces” of Seoul City Hall and Seoul Plaza.

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Seoul Learn students can also meet with their mentors for virtual consultations. The online platform was launched by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to bridge the education gap for underprivileged students.

The soft open will have around 3,200 participants from Seoul Learn, the city’s online learning platform and experts from Seoul IT Tech Governance Group.

The first stage of Metaverse Seoul is planned to officially launch at the end of November this year, with the official launch of the first stage to include digital services that citizens can apply and receive various proof documents, and a metaverse complaint centre with a live chat service.