Sky Gangs of London NFT

Sky Drops Gangs of London NFT Collection

Sky drops 110 NFTs minted and dropped into VIP member’s digital wallets

Sky has launched an exclusive collection of 110 NFTs, which were made available exclusively to Sky VIP Members around the second season of the BAFTA-award-winning Gangs of London show. 

Designed to further immerse Gangs of London fans and VIP members in the world of Gangs of London, each NFT offers exclusive access, secret experiences and never-before-seen content for those that hold them in their digital wallets. 

The unique artwork was created by Ferenc Nothof, the Gangs of London Season 2 Storyboard Illustrator, and depict major characters from the show.  Developed in partnership with AKQA, the Gangs of London NFT collection sees Sky take its exploration of web3 marketing to a new level. 

The 110 NFTs were offered to VIP members via a digital ballot through the Gangs of London NFT microsite.

Lucy Johnstone, head of marketing, Sky Entertainment commented:

“Developing and minting an NFT collection has been a complex and ambitious project. As a Sky-first, and with Gangs of London being a much-loved Sky Original, with a passionate fanbase, it was important we got it right. The team have done an amazing job of creating something unique and special that speaks to fans and delivers value for our customers.”

Joshua Lim, creative director, AKQA added:

“It’s been an exciting journey collaborating with Sky on Gangs of London, exploring what the future holds for better entertainment experiences and taking the first steps together into a whole new landscape. We realised that embracing the emergence of NFTs would allow us to blur the lines between the physical and story worlds, immersing viewers further into the world of the show and ultimately creating an unprecedented experience shaping the future of entertainment.”

GHOSTS is a new graphic novel created by Gangs of London season 2 lead director, Corin Hardy, written by Rowan Athale and illustrated by Ferenc Nothof.

Inspired by the shows blend of grounded, emotional drama and graphic-novelized, heightened genre-heavy look, feel and tone, fans will get a greater insight into the characters and city of London that they have experienced on screen.

GHOSTS follows lead character Elliot Carter, as he travels the world to carry out the orders of The Investors. 

Tim Struthers, head of programme brands, Sky Studios commented:

“As a BAFTA-awarding-winning Sky Original, we wanted to expand the world of Gangs of London across new frontiers and felt an original graphic novel was the perfect medium to treat fans of the show to additional content featuring their favourite characters.

Working with show creators Pulse Films, season 2 lead director and executive producer Corin Hardy teamed up with writer Rowan Athale and illustrator Ferenc Nothof to bring the graphic novel to life, with this first instalment giving viewers of the show a bridge between seasons 1 and 2; whether they be die-hard fans or those just discovering the first season.”