Pebble Flow

The Pebble Flow is a pull-behind EV trailer

Self-propelling Pebble Flow will debut in late 2024 with an Nvidia system that 'automates the hardest parts of RVing

Pebble, a new entrant to the electric RV market founded by veterans from Apple, Tesla, Cruise, and Volvo, announced at CES that its upcoming Pebble Flow RV will be the first on the market with semi-autonomous assists.

The Pebble Flow, which debuted in fall 2023, is a pull-behind trailer with a self-propelling powertrain.

Another feature is Remote Control. As Pebble describes it: “Once unhooked from the hitch, the Pebble Flow is fully remote-controlled for easy parking and maneuvering, effortlessly pivoting and positioning itself into tight spots.”

All autonomous features are controlled by the Pebble app, and powered by the Nvidia Drive Orin system-on-a-chip, a “scalable supercomputer” that delivers 254 trillion operations per second of compute power.

The chip can also receive over-the-air updates, turning the Pebble Flow into a “tech-first” smart home.

“Nvidia Drive Orin is the world’s highest-performance, automotive-grade, autonomous-vehicle processor,” says Pebble.

“The collaboration represents the first time the RV market will see this level of computing power.”

You can pre-order the Pebble Flow now for a late-2024 delivery. It comes in two versions, one for $109,000 and one for $125,000.

Only the pricier model has semi-autonomous driving assists, such as the Magic Hitch feature, which automatically connects the Pebble Flow to the vehicle towing it.