Warner Bros Discovery and Funko launch Halloween NFTs

Warner Bros. Discovery partners with Funko to drop a Halloween-themed NFT collection

Warner Bros. Discovery has teamed up with vinyl toy brand Funko to drop a Halloween-themed NFT collection. 

The “WB Horror x Funko Series 1” features NFT collectibles from several well-known horror movies, including The Crooked Man, The Nun with Painting, Spider Pennywise, Father Karras, Freddie Funko as Georgie, and Malthus holding Annabelle. 

In addition to the collectible cards, the brands will release limited-edition physical vinyl toys of six types. It’s worth noting that the owners of super-rare NFT packs will have the opportunity to redeem these for unique horror-themed vinyl figures. 

The standard packs go for $9.99, while the premium packages cost $29.99. Notably, the second type includes fifteen non-fungible token collectibles, whereas the standard pack grants holders a chance to win a rare Funko Digital Pop! NFT.

The collection drops on October 31 at 2 AM ET on the NFT marketplace Droppp.

Funko and Warner Bros. Discovery have chosen the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain to release the Halloween collection.