DEA and TV Tokyo Corp to bring Web3 Media to the Japanese Public

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) has announced a business alliance with TV Tokyo Corporation.

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), a Singapore-based global Web3 entertainment company that operates the PlayMining NFT gaming platform, is teaming up with TV Tokyo Corporation.

TV Tokyo Corporation, operator of the TV Tokyo television station, has agreed to a business collaboration with DEA to develop next-generation NFT/GameFi TV content and Web3 initiatives. TV Tokyo is a major Japanese national television station that specializes in anime, among other content.

“TV Tokyo produces various genres of programs and contents such as news, animation, TV series, various shows, sports, etc. We would like to learn the latest digital technology called ‘Web 3.0’ such as NFTs, to make content that is more useful and enjoyable for everyone,” said Ichiro Ishikawa, President and Representative Director of TV Tokyo.

“We see our partnership with DEA as the first step in this direction and intend to use this as a breakthrough to actively pursue new areas of business.”

Kozo Yamada, co-founder and co-CEO of DEA, started his career at TV Tokyo, where he previously worked as a television producer for 15 years. Yamada is also a Youtube and web media influencer in the Japanese NFT space.

“I am deeply moved by the fact that we have signed a business alliance with TV Tokyo, the company that laid the foundation for my career,” Yamada said.

“I am grateful to TV Tokyo and pleased to be able to continue working together as we create original Web3 content for mainstream Japanese audiences. We will also be providing joint Web3 strategy consulting for various companies, and developing new IP content that can be distributed globally via Web3.”

Bringing Web3 Into the Mainstream

DEA’s PlayMining platform features content from some of the hottest names in Japanese anime and video games. The company has their own token, DEAPcoin ($DEP), which is the first and currently only P2E token officially approved by Japan’s Financial Service Agency.

The PlayMining platform also features a catalogue of Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFT games, including Job TribesCookin’ BurgerMenya Dragon Ramen, and the recently launched Graffiti Racer, offering IP monetization opportunities to third-company game studios who partner with them. A number of other games and a metaverse initiative are also being built.

Part of DEA’s agreement with TV Tokyo Corporation is to collaborate on creating educational content that disseminates accurate information about Web3 developments to the public, in an effort to foster greater interest and adoption of Web3 content.

Yamada’s long experience as a television producer and NFT influencer will help DEA reach out to the mainstream through TV Tokyo.

“The best ways to drive mainstream adoption of Web3 are to increase public awareness and foster an environment where competing Web3 companies can grow together successfully. More competition in the GameFi space is great for business, as it would help introduce more and more people to Play-to-Earn gaming,” said DEA’s other co-founder and co-CEO, Naohito Yoshida.

“We aim to make DEA the top Web3 company globally, and educating the mainstream about Web3 is an important step toward that goal.”