Goal Seekers

DEA Unveils ‘GOAL SEEKERS’ NFT Football Simulation Game

Users can build a team with NFT players and win the league with team tactics

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) has started the development of an NFT football simulation game “GOAL SEEKERS” for its PlayMining platform with the aim to launch in the spring of 2023.

“GOAL SEEKERS” is a new style of NFT football simulation game that allows users to form teams using Player NFTs, which are generative NFTs (NFTs automatically generated by the program), as well as set formations and tactics and challenge other players to matches.

The game is characterized by the fact that not only players but also coaches and other staff members are NFTs, allowing users to participate in the economic sphere in any role they wish, such as collecting player NFTs and enjoying matches or using coach NFTs and enjoying their training as their main focus.

Player NFTs, like actual football players, will become better through league play but also age at the same time. When a player reaches a certain age, users can choose to become a manager, coach or trainer.

The game allows players to play in a variety of ways, depending on their preferences, such as enjoying league matches mainly with player NFTs or collecting competent position coach NFTs and specializing in training them.

In addition, “GOAL SEEKERS” has the theme of “creating a new football game together with the community”.

The game title, the style of the player illustrations, etc. are being voted on by the community on Discord, and the game is also planned to continue with a variety of community projects in the future.

The game is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2023, with Now Production Co as the development partner, a company with a proven track record of producing numerous game titles.