Three get Rufus Hound to write Goodbye Vodafone letter

Three UK recruited comedian Rufus Hound to write a letter for unhappy Vodafone customers wanting find an alternative network after Vodafone’s latest price hike.

Recent changes to Vodafone’s pricing structure have resulted in consumers paying up to 10% extra. Keen to capitalise on this, Three has teamed up with comedian Rufus Hound to pen a break-up letter for Vodafone customers looking to switch to a cheaper network.

With the recent changes to Vodafone’s pricing structure, out-of-plan calls to the UK will cost 5 pence extra, whilst calls to certain directory enquiries numbers will more than double to 5 from £2.25.

Vodafone customers have until the 28th of June to terminate their contracts without charge if they’re unhappy with the price hike. The termination has to be made in writing, and Three hopes that disgruntled Vodafone customers will use Rufus words in their letter to the company.

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This is what the letter says:

Dear Vodafone,

The end. Such a hard thing to start, no? Far more difficult than the beginning. Beginnings are so full of Promise! Discovery! Excitement! But endings? Endings force us to accept that none of those things were enough. We were kidding ourselves. That the 2L bottle of ice-cold cola we brought to life’s picnic is now a half- finished flagon of flat, warm, syrup; topless and unwanted. The waste enkindling guilt. A thing for wasps.

It’s no surprise to me that we run to our record collections in these times. Sheltering from an unknown future in a familiar past. In 1979 two things were born. One was me. The other? Barbara Streisand & Donna Summer’s seminal “No More Tears”

I had no choice from the start, I’ve gotta listen to my heart, tearing us apart. Enough is enough is enough.

Wise words. Wise, disco-y words. Maybe you thought that by increasing my phone bill I’d be too broke and broken to look for someone else. Someone better.

Or maybe you just weren’t thinking of me at all. God that’s just so you.

Any chance we had to get things back on track disappeared a long time ago. I’ve been putting up with this for too long. I’m at a point now where I look back at all the things you’ve done and don’t feel angry‚ just sad that I lacked the self-respect to say “No more” sooner.

Well, no more.

Tear up that contract. Delete my email address. It’s over. It’s. Just. Over

Lots of love