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Virgin Media O2 opens applications for superfast Essential Broadband Plus social tariff

New and existing customers able to apply for Virgin Media O2 Essential Broadband Plus Social Tariff

New and existing Virgin Media customers facing financial difficulty and who are claiming Universal Credit can now sign up for Essential Broadband Plus, the company’s fastest social tariff which offers broadband with speeds of 50Mbps for just £20 a month.

The new superfast tier is available on a 30-day rolling contract with no price change for as long as a customer is receiving Universal Credit.

At the time of writing, only recipients of Universal Credit can apply and the package is not available to those on ESA, JSA etc.

The ‘Plus’ package is the business’ second social tariff following the launch of Essential Broadband in 2020. Originally 15Mbps for £15 a month, the telecom firm recently cut prices on this plan by 16% to £12.50 per month, making it one of the cheapest packages in the market.

Existing customers are able to transfer to either social tariff package free of charge regardless of where they are in their current Virgin Media contract and new customers are able to join with no activation fee.

Coupled together, the two social tariffs are providing customers with greater choice depending on their broadband usage needs.

On top of information on the company’s website, the provider has also regularly publicised the support available through its social media channels and in the communications, it sends to customers every year related to their contract. This year, Virgin Media O2 has seen a 294% increase in its Essential Broadband sign ups.

Jeff Dodds, Chief Operating Officer at Virgin Media O2 said:

“We know how important affordable, reliable connectivity is – which is why we were one of the first providers to launch a social tariff back in 2020 to support customers facing financial difficulty.

“Fast forward two years and our new faster alternative – Essential Broadband Plus – is providing even greater choice and flexibility for those in need with speeds of 50Mbps for just £20 a month.

“It’s just one of the many ways we’re doing more to help support our customers through the cost-of-living crisis, delivering better value at a time when it matters most.”  

Stream from Virgin Media add on

The company is also giving Essential Broadband Plus customers the option to add Virgin Media O2’s latest entertainment product, called Stream, for an upfront, one-off fee of just £20 – a 42% saving on the normal £35 charge – with no long-term contract or ongoing charges for the basic package.

Stream simply plugs into any TV and seamlessly combines live TV, on-demand apps, popular streaming subscriptions and must-watch movies all in one place with personalisation and flexibility at its core. Virgin Media O2 is the only provider to offer an entertainment add on to a social tariff.

Any customer taking Stream can get 10% credit back on the subscriptions they add to the service via their Virgin Media bill, giving customers a more affordable way to subscribe to major streaming services.

Cut VAT on Social Tariffs

To go further, the business is also calling on the new Government to cut VAT on social tariffs, from 20% to no more than 5%, which is in line with other utilities such as gas and electricity.

Virgin Media O2 has committed to directly pass on any VAT cut in a price reduction to all its Essential Broadband plans, which will mean a price drop to just £10.93 for 15Mbps and £17.50 for 50Mbps packages, helping to generate extra savings for households that need them most each month.

Those looking to benefit from the package can find more information about how to sign up here.

If you’re an existing Virgin Media O2 customer, all you have do to is fill in an online application form and the company will email you back with how to complete the eligibility checks.

As soon as your application is approved, you will be swapped over and you won’t have to pay any extra fees or charges for changing from your current Virgin Media services.