Movius’ myIDs Secure To Be Shown With Samsung KNOX At Mobile World Congress

MoviusMovius Welcomed Into Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program As An Official Silver Partner

Movius Corporation, announced today that it has been accepted as an official Silver Partner within the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP). The goal of SEAP is to enable partners in creating new revenue opportunities in the enterprise mobile business with Samsung products and solutions. The program and submission process ensures that enterprises and SMBs have access to the most advanced technology solutions and services.

Movius’ myIDs Secure will be shown with Samsung KNOX at Mobile World Congress (Samsung Booth Hall 8.1) in Barcelona, Spain, beginning March 2-5, 2015.

Movius is the industry’s first mobile solutions provider to offer multi-line and messaging capabilities on a single SIM card, as well as enterprise split billing capabilities for both voice and data. Furthermore, it is the only mobile multiple identity solutions vendor to offer high quality of service through both VoIP and circuit switching, resulting in uninterrupted, clear communications and usage based on minutes instead of data. In addition to further expanding Movius’ market presence worldwide, this partnership will help address BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concerns for mobile enterprises and provide a better quality of service for today’s mobile device users.

Enterprises will be able to use Movius’ myIDs Secure as an app within the Samsung KNOX Workspace, Samsung’s manageable, on-device mobile security solution. Movius’ myIDs Secure will enhance Samsung KNOX by providing advanced, enterprise BYOD functionality that works with any mobile device management (MDM) solution, while providing employees with essentially two mobile identities on one device, enabling privacy for the user, security and compliance for the company, as well as an avenue for additional operator revenue in the form of enterprise split billing for voice and data.

“This partnership presents a win-win situation for everyone,” said Dominic Gomez, Movius President and CEO.

“In addition to helping address the growing BYOD concerns that are faced by both enterprises and their employees today, our multiple identity and enterprise split billing solutions will greatly increase the freedoms that end-users will have in their choice of carriers while using a single SIM card. While myIDs Secure will broaden the innovative mobile capabilities offered by the Samsung KNOX Workspace, it will also help us to further expand our global footprint. We are excited to be part of the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program and to have a partner of this magnitude as we develop new and innovative solutions that meet the future needs of the mobile workforce.”

Movius’ myIDs Secure provides familiar functionality on mobile devices:

  • Simple Signup: Once an enterprise administrator configures a corporate line to work on your Samsung Workspace, users simply open the phone application and accept the terms and conditions
  • Access to Familiar Applications: Movius’ myIDs Secure adds phone, messaging, and voicemail application icons to your Samsung Workspace. The features and functionalities on these applications are similar to those on the personal space
  • Worry-free Billing: Since Movius’ myIDs Secure takes care of billing for all enterprise consumption, personal and business billing is sent separately to companies and the employee

In a recent report by Gartner, half of enterprises surveyed stated that they intend to move exclusively to BYOD for smartphones in 2017, eliminating their employer-supplied option. Furthermore, over three-fourths of organizations cite security issues as the biggest concern with BYOD.

“With the ever increasing growth of BYOD in today’s organizations, corporate IT departments are racing to deploy solutions that improve the security of the corporate data accessed on their employees’ mobile devices. In addition, both the employer and employees want to clearly delineate between the data and phone charges incurred on mobile devices. Movius’ myIDs Secure addresses this demand and integrates seamlessly with the Samsung KNOX Workspace, further improving the quality of wireless call service and expanding the ways in which our mobile devices can be used by our corporate end-users,” said Rick Segal, Vice President of Enterprise Business Team, IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “We look forward to a long-standing partnership with Movius as we continue our mission of providing our global customers with the most innovative mobile solutions available.”