BlackBerry IVY

Mobility in Harmony selects BlackBerry IVY to Power Next-Gen Electric Vehicles

BlackBerry IVY to serve as the middleware software platform powering the alliance’s EV connected services

Mobility in Harmony (MIH) Consortium, a  Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) initiative, has selected the BlackBerry IVY platform to power its next generation Project X, and future passenger and commercial vehicle reference platforms.

Deploying IVY in its vehicle digital cockpit will help MIH’s vehicles with a rich suite of applications for real time monitoring of the vehicle’s health and performance. This will offer fleet operators and drivers intuitive insights for effectively managing operations, improving driver safety, lowering business risk and optimizing asset utilization.

“We are extremely excited by this collaboration with BlackBerry IVY as it will provide our electric vehicle platform with scale and the ability to accelerate development and innovation for EV and mobility marketplaces. IVY gives us the middleware foundation to realize our vision of an open ecosystem where we can continuously provide new experiences and services over the lifecycle of the vehicle.  IVY allows us to offer “out of the box” fleet management capabilities in our vehicles, powered by AI-generated fleet insights.

These solutions extend well beyond traditional telematics data, eliminate the need for unreliable and costly companion devices and increase vehicles’ operational efficiency in a very cost-effective manner,” said Jack Cheng, CEO at MIH.

The MIH platform, powered by BlackBerry IVY, will be demonstrated at the MIH (LVCC West, #7216) and BlackBerry (LVCC West, #4224) booths at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

On display, visitors will see:

  • Vehicle Health Monitoring: Helps ensure each vehicle operates at its best condition, with diagnostics that predict, detect, and notify any maintenance needs.
  • Range/SOC (State of Charge)/SOH (State of Health) Estimation: Helps provide drivers and fleet operators with accurate battery and range information, enabling better routing optimization, energy management, and longer vehicle life.
  • Driver Scoring: Evaluates driving behaviors and patterns to encourage safer driving habits and reduce the fleet operator’s risk and costs.
  • Vehicle Security Analysis: Utilizes advanced cybersecurity measures to assess vehicle cybersecurity strength, protect against threats, and ensure the integrity of vehicle operations.

Vito Giallorenzo, SVP and General Manager, BlackBerry IVY, commented,

“We are very pleased that MIH has selected BlackBerry IVY platform to power its electric vehicle platform. This announcement is the continuation of a valued collaboration with MIH that started with our core QNX solution for their foundational software and is now extending to leveraging IVY to enable their connected services ecosystem.

We look forward to working with the MIH consortium and ecosystem to add rich services to the MIH platform and the broader EV and mobility marketplace.”