Bullitt Group launching MVNO in UK

Bullitt Connect is a full MVNO service provider that will offer voice, text and data services

Bullitt Group, providers of rugged mobile solutions, is launching its own mobile virtual network operations (MVNO) in the UK.

Bullitt Connect is a full MVNO service provider that will offer voice, text and data services to UK-based consumers and industry verticals with particular focus on the high growth sectors such as logistics and the gig economy. 

Bullitt Group is the global licensee for Cat phones, and produces Motorola defy-branded rugged smartphones under license for the Motorola brand. With leadership in the rugged sector, Bullitt has identified an opportunity to extend the appeal of its products with the addition of a full-service value proposition.

Bullitt Connect aims to offer coverage across 86% of the UK landmass, through its partnership with Transatel and the underlying EE mobile network. Bullitt Connect will, it says, provide even more reliable connectivity when used in conjunction with a Bullitt rugged device, built to handle long, busy days in any environment.

At its commercial launch in April, Bullitt Connect will offer a range of tariffs with unlimited UK calls and text messaging, and either 3GB, 10GB or 30GB of data. It will also offer a selection of data-only SIM offers up to 100Gb as the perfect partner for the new Cat Q10 5G Rugged Mobile Hotspot.

These simple and flexible 30-day rolling plans will all provide 5G connectivity and are competitively priced, with additional loyalty and introductory offers for those that have purchased a Bullitt device.

Roaming within Europe, using a customer’s existing call, text and data allowance, will also be offered at no extra charge from launch. Additional daily roaming passes will enable affordable roaming in many other locations around the world.

Delivery and logistics is an established and growing sector for Bullitt where the value of a rugged device is already well understood. Combining devices with good value, reliable connectivity, and relevant services such as PostTag’s Address Finder, which currently processes over 5 million address lookups a day for some of the UKs delivery brands, will be a key part of the MVNO launch proposition.

Address Finder is a proven technology in the UK providing a location accuracy so precise that drivers have been able to deliver more each day. Location accuracy saves time and puts money back into the pockets of drivers.

“This is an exciting step forward for Bullitt,” says Bullitt Group CEO, Nathan Vautier.

“Bullitt Connect will allow us to transform the value proposition we offer to our UK customers. There’s a clear opportunity to build on our already-great customer loyalty with airtime and data services, to address new customer segments with offers and bundles that make particular sense for them, and to innovate around bundles, packages and offers that give our customers the best deals with our products.”

Nick Wootten, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) director at BT Wholesale, comments: 

“The combination of a Bullitt handset with mobile connectivity on the UK’s best network is an exciting proposition for Bullitt users making things simple for its customers and enabling average download speeds that are more than twice as fast as any other major UK mobile operator. 

In the future, Bullitt customers will experience super-fast low latency connectivity across the UK, as we progress our plans to deliver 5G everywhere in the UK by 2028.

We are proud that Bullitt have recognised our investment in the network and, by working with Transatel, have been able to launch this exciting new MVNO proposition into the UK.”