Centrify powers new Samsung KNOX Enterprise Mobility Management solution

Samsung will go live with its new KNOX solution offerings on its website on 11 September (6pm BST) and the new website will outline how this will be a step forward for enterprise mobility with simplified BYOD, also making Samsung mobile device security and management available to everyone via free and paid offerings.

The site will highlight how KNOX EMM will power the free and paid product offerings targeted for individuals, small and medium businesses, and enterprise and government organisations.

A complete overview of all KNOX solutions with pricing and feature comparisons will be included, along with a list of supported devices.

Centrify is providing the EMM functionality within these new KNOX offerings. Centrify is the key technology provider for the cloud IAM capabilities of KNOX EMM, and has collaborated extensively with Samsung’s engineering teams to co-develop’ Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) features for the KNOX EMM service.

Also available for non-Samsung devices, organisations can leverage Centrify’s cloud service to comprehensively manage cross-platform mobile users and devices to address security and management of enterprise mobility, application access, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) device challenges.

“Businesses of all sizes are looking to address enterprise mobility challenges around securing their users mobile devices and easy one-click access to cloud applications from these mobile devices, said Injong Rhee, Senior Vice President of KNOX Business, IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.

“Leveraging Centrify’s cloud IAM, Samsung is delivering the industry’s only comprehensive and integrated EMM solution that combines cloud-based mobile device management with enterprise user identity federation for mobile and SaaS apps.

KNOX EMM is a cost-effective cloud-based service for organisations that want to enable Samsung Galaxy smartphones or tablets for business use with a simple remote device and mobile app management solution.

Additionally, KNOX EMM is also available as a solution for centrally managing Apple iOS and non-Samsung Android devices and apps.

KNOX EMM enables “identity where you want it scenarios that allow organizations to either integrate their existing Active Directory identities or leverage cloud-based identities from enterprise cloud directories, such as Samsung EMM Cloud Directory or Windows Azure Active Directory, to enable federated identity  to thousands of SaaS applications.

In addition, customers can either deploy hundreds of mobile policies via a fully cloud-based service or leverage their on-premise Active Directory Group Policy infrastructure to secure and manage mobile devices.

This identity and policy flexibility, combined with a single cloud-based architecture and integrated user interface for mobile device, app and cloud app management, makes KNOX EMM unique in the market.

With KNOX EMM, end users leverage the improved mobile productivity benefits of Zero Sign-on access to rich mobile and cloud-based SaaS apps, while IT can easily manage mobile containers.  KNOX EMM is delivered as a cloud service that can be up and running in minutes, resulting in world-class mobile security and seamless integration for organisations.

Users benefit from 1-click access to their SaaS and mobile applications from any mobile or desktop end point. IT gains centralised user account and app management with advanced features like two-factor authentication for web or mobile access via soft tokens, automated user creation and deletion for apps, role-based access control and management for SaaS and mobile applications.

Centrify is also integrated as the de-facto cloud IAM service for SaaS and mobile apps purchased via the new KNOX Marketplace, a cloud marketplace platform to unify the purchase, delivery, billing and identity/access management of cloud apps.

A paid edition of KNOX IAM will also be available for purchase on the KNOX Marketplace, that provides several advanced identity management features like unlimited application single-sign on from any device/desktop, multi-factor authentication, SaaS user provisioning and more.

“Due to our work with Samsung over the years, Centrify has become the key cloud identity provider for KNOX EMM, delivering the first integrated cloud and mobile management solution of its kind to users,” said Centrify CEO Tom Kemp.

“Through this partnership with Samsung, we are enabling organisations to simply and securely achieve maximum mobile productivity from their workforce via enterprise-class mobile and SaaS management across the platforms of choice for millions of users.”

Availability and Pricing

The KNOX EMM solution is available today for use on every device via multiple offerings  My KNOX, KNOX Express, KNOX Premium and KNOX IAM.

My KNOXis a free individual mobility solution where Samsung Galaxy device users can take control of their devices for work and play without involving IT.

KNOX Express is a free, quick and simple cloud-based solution ideal for businesses looking to secure their employees mobile data, while respecting their privacy and support for cross-platform devices.

KNOX Premium is a paid, comprehensive mobility management solution with greater security controls & richer IT policies on cross-platform devices designed for large enterprise & government organisations. KNOX Premium is available for $1 per set per month and includes access to 24/7 technical support.

KNOX IAM is a paid, cloud identity solution that provides businesses with cross-platform single sign-on, role based access management, user provisioning, multi-factor authentication and password vault for 2500+ SaaS & mobile applications. KNOX IAM is available for $4 per user per month and includes access to 24/7 technical support.