Frenzy Controller – The First Button-less Gesture and Gravity based Controller for Android Devices

Frenzy Controller is the only remote controller for Android Devices that simulate the smartphones browsing experience into large screens.

Western Leaf Electronics ( just announced the launch of their new button-less Frenzy Controller for Android devices.

The Frenzy Controller is designed to perfectly fit in the palm of the hand and allows the user to control their Android devices using gestures (touch, long press, swipe, drag, double touch, pinch and other touch gestures) and gravity motion sensors (that allow you to control the pointer on the screen). It has no buttons to click, and each gesture is crafted to be as natural and instinctive as possible based on direct user input.

Frenzy Controller is the first visceral product in the market to combine both gravity and gestured based controls together for a more seamless experience. This controller perfectly simulates the way you use your mobile device on a larger screen.

“Since the Android OS is designed for hand-held devices, it makes it challenging to map it out on a larger screen. Most other controllers in the market support air-mouse function (that controls the pointer), and require the use of buttons to do basic functions like swiping gestures,” said Mark Ataya, CEO of Western Leaf,

“With the Frenzy Controller, users can swipe just like they do on their mobile devices.”

The ergonomics of the controller are designed in a way to make it comfortably fit the center of the palm, while keeping the fingers and wrist free for gestures and movements. Just like a TV remote, users can sit on their couches and control their Android phones or tablets on big screens (TVs, projectors). Popular uses include going through media libraries, browsing the internet, watching videos, using apps or playing games.

The product has been in development for over 8 months and will be launching in October, 2014. It is compatible with any Android phone or tablet (running Android 4.0 or above). Western Leaf has plans to make the Frenzy Controller compatible with Windows as well, in the near future.

The Frenzy Controller will be available to purchase on Amazon and through the official Western Leaf website.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]