Consola.finance Launches Automated Finance & Accounting Platform for Web3

Bookkeeping is a crucial element to the success of all web3 organizations,

Consola.finance has launched its end-to-end finance and accounting platform specifically designed for web3 firms.

Following the successful pre-seed round September in 2022, closing €1.1 million in funding, the B2B SaaS platform offers an innovative solution for bookkeeping, accounting, and reporting for all blockchain transactional activity. 

The launch follows after identifying the lack of comprehensive tools to unify accounting related processes. At present, there is no benchmark process for crypto bookkeeping, and international accounting standards do not provide any bookkeeping framework.

Bookkeeping is a crucial element to the success of all web3 organizations, and despite the millions of crypto transactions active daily across the globe, most crypto bookkeeping is still recorded manually. 

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Now more than ever, the recording of trading, staking, or payments is of great importance, and as a result, automated crypto bookkeeping solutions are gaining traction across web3 businesses. 

Commenting on the launch, Jacob from consola.finance said:

“We are excited to launch our first product version and offer web3 firms a solution to manage their crypto finances with ease. We have built a completely new on-chain data infrastructure that provides the highest level of quality, and have partnered with leading node providers and auditing firms to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our data.”

Consola.finance says that is committed to providing companies with clarity and control over their crypto finances, and their first product version successfully achieves this goal.

With features like transaction and price fetching, fiat valuation, auto-categorization, cost basis calculation, profit and loss calculation, dashboarding, and reporting, the platform provides a solution to streamlining a web3 company’s financial processes.

Moreover, the platform aims to unify on-chain operations across accounting, payments, and DeFi, enabling organizations to fully leverage the potential of blockchain in a secure, compliant, and efficient manner, offering unprecedented solutions for automated payments, expense, and invoice management. 

Consola.finance worked closely with leading organizations including Rook DAO, Decent DAO, MoonDAO, YGG SEA, Spool DAO, Solid World DAO, Bitpanda, LimeWire, Katana Inu, and many others to build its robust platform.

Matt from Rook DAO added:

“Consola.finance is an extremely powerful tool that helps crypto natives like me to better organize, interpret and use the power of my data to make better decisions”