Metashooter and Trust NFT Announces to Create New System in Blockchain Industry

NFTs began their journey via games where assets such as swords, guns, rewards, etc., were traded for NFTs. Since then, these digital tokens have been moulded into all forms. NFTs are now sold as photos, videos, memes, and even tweets.

So, it is no surprise that a game built on blockchain, play-to-earn hunting metaverse, called Metashooter, is set to partner with TrustNFT, a decentralized finance platform.


Metashooter is a game built on a public blockchain platform, Cardano. Cardano is an open-source and decentralized crypto platform where transactions can be made using its cryptocurrency, ADA. MetaShooter is not just a game; it is a metaverse with a wide range of in-built features.

It is the new age of hunting games. It allows the players to create their hunter persona and enter a realistic digital hunting market.

You can win trophies, rewards, and other tokens by hunting. Not just that, you can also build your towers, buy hunting equipment, breed NFT dogs, and earn passive income as well. The visuals of this gaming metaverse are strong enough to tackle a Virtual reality experience.

Trust NFT

TrustNFT is a platform for getting loans by keeping NFTs as collateral. Investors provide finance support, and they get guaranteed gains by a system of Defi or decentralized finance. You can join and earn rewards by lending to other community members.

The system is AI-run, which evaluates the value of NFTs based on big data, taking a lot of risk out of lending money. The AI technology accurately and precisely estimates the worth of NFT collateral, which then becomes open for NFT-backed loans.

Metashooter and TrustNFT?

NFT is the topic that connects these two platforms. Metashooter has integrated NFT assets, while Trust NFT is an NFT collateral finance system.

The two platforms collaborate to bring the NFT finance system on the Metashooter metaverse. The players will evaluate their NFT assets by using Trust NFT’s AI-powered evaluation technology.

The gamers will also get loans by keeping their metaverse NFT assets as collateral which will be instantly liquid if not underuse. Moreover, the players will be able to upload their NFT assets on both the Matashooter and TrustNFT platforms.

The world is moving fast, and there are rapid changes in technology every day. A lot of mileage would be covered by the collaboration of these latest technological advancements.

It remains to be seen where this partnership between Metashooter and TrustNFT takes them.