Google removes CyanogenMOD Installer from Play Store

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Earlier this month, CyanogenMOD made it a little bit easier for users to install its custom ROM by releasing a guidance app on Google Play.

The “app” was nothing more than instructions advising users how to download the desktop software to facilitate unlocking the bootloader and flashing the ROM.

Google have now removed the app as it “encourages users to void their warranty,” according to an email received from the Play Store team.

Because Android users are able to sideload apps, the Installer is still available directly from the website as an APK file. CM has submitted the Installer to Samsung’s and Amazon’s respective app stores.

Whether the Installer violates the terms of service is up for debate, as not all devices have their warranties voided by unlocking their bootloader, nor do all of them come with locked bootloaders.

It’s a mute point though as it’s within Google’s rights to remove the app.Via