Google updates Material Design developer guidelines

Google has updated the Material Design developer guidelines with several new sections and additions to some existing content.

These guidelines makes it easier for app developers to tailor their apps to fit the design of the latest version of Android.

The April 2015 release of the material design spec includes the following new sections:

  • Data tables
  • Units and measurements
  • Floating Action Button has been moved into its own section, adding new details about behavior and transitions
  • App structure
  • Component sticker sheet for Adobe After Effects
  • Data truncation and redaction
  • Writing guidelines for Settings

Additional significant content updates include:

  • Typography adds further guidance on style and line height for dense and tall languages
  • Cards includes more specs for laying out actions and content
  • Dialogs contains additional layout guidance
  • Tabs adds guidance around label content and more complete sizing specs
  • Scrolling techniques adds guidance for overlapping content

Developers can read more about the new guidelines here.