Dual-screen YotaPhone 2 to be unveiled in London on December 3rd

The YotaPhone 2 will be unveiled to the world on December 3, at a special invite-only do in London.

The firm took to Twitter to announce that,

“#YotaPhone2 will be presented December 3! We will celebrate with a by-invitation only event in London – stay tuned!.”

Premium IPTV in the UK

The YotaPhone 2014 will include a touch-sensitive rear display, unlike the original YotaPhone launched last year. The rear low-power consumption display will also be able to handle more number of functions including calls, texts, emails and more. Though the smartphone runs Android, Yota Devices has not specified what Android version the smartphone will release with.

Currently, YotaPhone has online stores running in a number of European markets, as well as India and Malaysia.

E-ink screens offer the benefit of high visibility and low battery consumption (energy is consumed only when the image is refreshed.) On the downside, e-ink has a low refresh rate, which doesn’t make it suitable for displaying smooth animations. YotaPhone 2 suggested various uses for the e-ink screen on the back, like displaying notifications, stock data, fitness data, and social updates.

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