Atem Network

Atem Network Launching multichain Web3 social platform Beta

Web3 Group Chats and Social Trades

Singapore-based Web3 start-up Atem Network is launching its product beta on March 16th. Atem Network is a multichain Web3 social platform combining decentralized community and social trades.

In Atem, group spaces will be automatically generated based on on-chain data, users can enter different group spaces based on tokens/NFTs they own, can chat and complete P2P NFT trades in the decentralized community. For beta launch, Atem supports all NFTs on Ethereum Network.

Atem is a decentralized social infrastructure of web3 where users can chat, trade and govern in a p2p secured group space.

In Atem, group spaces are formed based on mutual tokens or NFTs that are owned by individuals. Social networking and crypto trading are combined seamlessly in a “one stop shop” platform. All spaces and channels will be under DAO governance, which means users co-decide rules of the communities. Data is stored in a decentralized way with end-to-end encryption, which guarantees complete anonymity, thus users are in control of their data, identity and governance.

Atem Network aims to build a decentralized social graph in a web3 chatbox. The social graph is a graph that represents social relations between entities. It can also be referred to as “the global mapping of everybody and how they’re related”.

A Web3 social network is a social network where the users are in control of their own data and identity instead of the other way around which is what we currently have available to us. Right now major social networks are centralized and control users’ data.

A web3 social network is a disruption to the current status quo of social networking as we know it, bringing the power back to the user and letting the user own and dictate what will be stored online.

Under the context of web3, Atem is able to merge social graphs on different platforms, including social media, games and even Dapps.

The beta version is coupled with Atem Passport NFT airdrop, during which participants can free mint Atem Passport NFT to be entitled to test Beta Launch.

According to Atem Network, the purpose of this NFT is to serve as a passport for the early user to try its product in the beta test and leave genuine feedback to the team so as to improve the product for the public launch. With group spaces formed under NFTs mutually owned by users, the network interconnects multiple users to each other.

One month ago, Atem Network announced its $3 million Series Seed investment; investors include Mask Network, GSR Ventures, A&T Capital, Mirana Ventures, among many others. The fund will be used to build a multichain Web3 social platform combining a decentralized community and social trades. Thus, creating a private community exclusively for crypto and NFT enthusiasts.

Atem Network has recently announced its partnership with Mask Network, a portal to Web3; RSS3, an open information syndication protocol across Web3; Mintverse, an NFT Aggregator and Marketplace; iZUMi Finance, a platform offering liquidity as a service;, a comprehensive NFT explorer and HOURAI, a metaverse backed by DeFi derivatives across its Web3 group space.

Combined with creativity, this project will bring a new perspective for the Web3 space, driving it towards a direction that represents a bright future for the digital ecosystem.