DigitalSelf Unveils Self-Service Web3 Solutions at Soccerex 2022

DigitalSelf demonstrated its cutting-edge virtual platform at soccer’s leading global business event

DigitalSelf yesterday unveiled its self-service web3 technology to an audience of sports industry professionals. Speaking at Soccerex, the largest annual soccer business conference, Chris Pulley, CEO of CCP Digital and interim CEO of DigitalSelf, revealed how DigitalSelf brings people together through live experiences and provides cutting-edge web3 solutions for brands and content providers.

DigitalSelf has pioneered a platform connecting brands and audiences through a unique and brand new approach. The platform’s official unveiling signals an entry point for companies to engage global fan bases with web3 technology solutions, including retail merchandise sales, NFT ticketing and collectibles, On-Demand and Pay-Per-View event streaming and virtual metaverse world creation.

Users can connect with their favourite brands, teams, and once-in-a-lifetime events through immersive virtual experiences. With DigitalSelf, businesses can capitalize on an array of new revenue opportunities springing from the emerging NFT and metaverse industries.

Through DigitalSelf, fans can experience live events from their home. Made possible by the installation of 360-degree cameras livestreaming the action, fans attending virtually can access unprecedented tools to truly immerse themselves.

Tools like “Digital Memories” introduce capturing live experiences as NFTs — one of many original features for live-entertainment audience engagement.

DigitalSelf offers brands a newfound ability to bring immersive experiences to fans wherever they are. The platform is built to deploy on all devices. Though focused on virtual and augmented reality devices, DigitalSelf can be accessed on everything from PCs to mobile phones and even game consoles.

DigitalSelf’s technology offers brands and content providers control of distribution and data ownership, steering power away from intermediaries like big tech and broadcast companies. With DigitalSelf’s developments in NFT tech and consumer-content delivery, broadcasting rights are reimagined through immutable blockchain ownership. Pulley described the technology’s disruptive capabilities, stating, “DigitalSelf does to web3 what Shopify does to websites.”

Like Shopify, DigitalSelf takes a competitive lead by providing businesses with cutting-edge solutions to connect directly to vendors and consumers. Predetermined smart contracts and an innovative metaverse platform form an ideal combination for reclaiming content ownership.

As audiences increasingly adopt metaverse interfaces, DigitalSelf stands out as the web3 solution leader for brands to capitalize on the next generation of digital monetization. Participating businesses not only reap the benefit of an advantaged tech infrastructure for audience engagement but also gain an advantaged partnership infrastructure for content and data ownership.

DigitalSelf makes operational many desired e-commerce possibilities stemming from blockchain and virtual experience integration. For businesses looking to get in on metaverse and web3, DigitalSelf offers an intriguing gateway.