Marketiu Launches Blockchain Advertising & Marketing in the Metaverse Division

Opening a New Realm for Innovative Brands Seeking to Expand on Their Modern Marketing Strategy

Aimed at pushing Web 3.0 and ambitious Blockchain-based projects to new heights while enabling traditional yet forward-thinking brands leverage opportunities in the Metaverse, the launch of the Marketing in Metaverse Division is the newest initiative on Marketiu’s journey to push technology adoption in the marketing space and enable brands to step out the ordinary, leverage innovation to drive out-of-the-ordinary results.

The London-based digital marketing agency Marketiu marks yet another important point on its journey, announcing this as an established, brand-new department within its integrated marketing services ecosystem.

While previously launching an IoT initiative for early adopters in 2017-2018 which revolved around enabling brands to tap into the Voice native channel (an example being the Alexa and voice assistants), the agency adds Web 3.0 to both its niched fields of expertise and marketing channels.

Commenting on the launch Andrei Tiu, Marketiu CEO said:

“Through this launch we stand by the brands that bring change through technology, digital art, Utility-backed NFT’s and by the side of those who activate in this space, deserving to be heard.

There are two key stakeholder groups we will be working closely with: The Blockchain-based and Metaverse-oriented businesses looking to establish and grow their brands while engaging with digital-savvy, niche or mass audiences, and the forward-thinking brands that want to be not one, but in some cases even two or even three steps ahead of their competition.”

This is seen as an important move since the overall Web 3.0 market size is expected to reach USD 23.3 Billion by 2028 and new generations of customers will grow at the intersection of traditional Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, opening new opportunities for brands to engage and enhance their position in front of their public.

Marketiu has been working intensely to build internal know-how and sustainable partnerships in this space, pioneering through a natural next step on their mission to deliver top, innovative and integrated digital marketing services to their client portfolio, encouraging and supporting tech & trends adoption in digital marketing.

Tiu added:

“At this inflexion point in history and technology innovation, we’re deeply excited to enable traditional Web 2.0 brands leverage the Web 3.0 – or the Metaverse – space, establish a relationship with current and future generations of customers, reposition and capitalise on new opportunity – which of course, can be extraordinarily well supported through marketing”