Palaneum Metaverse Giving Away 15 Virtual Land Plots to NFT Artist Creators

Palaneum's NFT contest allows creators to step into the world of creativity in the Metaverse.

Palaneum is now running an exclusive NFT contest where digital creators can submit their NFT designs for a chance to win a piece of virtual land in the Metaverse.

To enter the contest, creators should first join the Palaneum discord. The NFT design competition is open only to members of the Palaneum community who are on discord.

The current contest runs from March 5 to April 20, 2022, and all NFT submissions must be entered by April 10 in order to be approved for the contest.

Once they have joined the discord, creators will be able to submit their new NFT contest entries by posting their NFT design directly to the NFT Channel of Palaneum’s discord. Each NFT that is approved for the contest will be put onto Palaneum’s twitter feed. From there, creators will be able to promote their NFT on this social media channel– getting as many likes and retweets for their design as possible.

The NFTs with the most likes on Twitter by the contest’s end date of April 20th, 2022, will win the contest. The 15 most popular NFT entries will get their creators a piece of prime real estate in the Metaverse. 15 contest winners will receive a plot of premium land in Palaneum’s Metaverse world. Each plot of premium land is currently valued at over $500. Contest winners will be announced on Discord.

NFT designers can submit up to 5 unique NFTs as part of this contest. Creators will be responsible for promoting their designs on Twitter. Each contest submission may earn future royalties for the creator, since NFT designs that are submitted as part of this contest may be listed by Palaneum on their marketplace or on secondary marketplaces, with the 5% royalty rate to be split by Palaneum and the creator. NFTS submitted to this contest will be owned by Palaneum.

Palaneum gives users an immersive gaming experience in the Metaverse, where they can build, create, connect, and earn as they play. Joining the Palaneum community provides players with special access to land sales, play-to-earn opportunities, and the chance to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.

Palaneum’s gaming experience is designed with expansion in mind – building virtual empires and growing communities in the Metaverse. Getting land in the Metaverse is just the first step for creators. Once established in the virtual world, they can continue to create and profit from NFTs, while connecting with other like-minded designers and Metaverse enthusiasts on Palaneum’s Discord. Palaneum upholds an eco-friendly standard, running on the Polygon blockchain.

“The virtual world is evolving, and NFTs are part of that evolution,” says Palaneum’s management team.

Creating and promoting digital assets such as NFTs are valuable skills for designers of the future. With the value of NFTs based on demand and popularity, sharing and promoting creations online can be more profitable than ever before.

Palaneum’s current NFT contest allows creators to step into the new world of creativity in the Metaverse.