1Verse Real-world meets the metaverse

1Verse launches Virtual EV dealership in the Metaverse

1 Verse connects virtual and real world auto commerce via mobile, AR and VR enabled capabilities combined with last mile logistics

1Verse is the first company to deliver meta-world and real-world shopping seamlessly and at scale through an immersive metaverse experience.

In partnership with Tyremarket.com, 1Verse have launched a fully integrated Metaverse based dealership through a subsidiary using 1Verse’s breakthrough meta to real world platform.

Tyremarket.com is India’s largest automotive aftermarket parts and tire portal in India. This alliance will sell two and three-wheel electric vehicles throughout India. Two-wheelers are the most widely used form of transportation in India and Southeast Asia.

Noted Suhas Kundapoor, Founder 1Verse:

“By providing metaverse sales access to consumers of EVs in locations where real-world shopping options are limited, 1Verse is accelerating the most critical path to zero-carbon electric transportation for much of the world.”

1Verse’s immersive metaverse/real world fusion model allows shopping access at local metaverse kiosks, as well as access through multiple computer and mobile phone screens. Tyremarket.com, through a newly formed subsidiary provides sales expertise, local EV distribution, technology enhancements, and access to tens of millions of existing customers in India. 1Verse and its partner currently have over 12,000 physical locations in towns across India, which will allow millions of consumers to directly access multiple EV brands thereby joining the international race to cut emissions and electrify transportation. This sales footprint is expected to grow rapidly. 

1Verse equips its dealer network with virtual reality headsets allowing them to act as a virtual metaverse dealership for EV two-wheelers providing clients with immersive interactive experiences normally seen in physical dealerships.

Customers will be able to view the two wheelers, learn more about the two wheelers from expert salesmen located remotely in a central location and schedule test drives providing EV manufacturers with qualified curated leads and access to consumers, many more than they would have had from customers walking into a physical dealership alone.

“1Verse features the capability to create metaverse EV storefronts, where brick and mortar sales infrastructure is limited,” 1Verse Founder Prashanth Joshua said.

“Instead of traveling 50 miles or more to an EV dealership, people will be able to access a physical location right near them, where they can look at, customize and even test drive the EV that they want to purchase.”

Once its initial sales goals are achieved in India, 1Verse intends to replicate this business model in other Asian/Global markets.

“EVs are only one way, but a socially critical way, for 1Verse to expand consumer choice in Asia,” observed Joshua.

“Large populations, spread out across many mid-size urban areas that lack extensive physical shops, create a powerful need for virtual, yet trusted, shopping for many items, most of all large consumer devices such as electric vehicles.”

1Verse solves this unmet need, where users are in locations underserved by the sales and distribution networks of big manufacturers. Limits on choice, access, and trusted sales and support will hinder EV penetration – and 1Verse provides a solution to this.

1Verse is preparing the world to move to EV using its unique virtual metaverse dealership that brings high touch virtual sales and trusted transactions, first to India, then to nearby Asia markets.