Ava Area

Ava Area Metaverse brings fully animated 3D NFT avatars

The Ava Area virtual world uses Ethereum blockchain technology and 3D NFTs

Ava Area do not sell digital images but sell fully animated 3D NFT avatars that can already be used in over 2000 metaverses, games and apps, and their 3D Battle Arena game.

The development of a 3D NFT avatar needs to go through a whole process. There are several stages to be surpassed to create an avatar and make it functional and animated.

3D NFT Avatars with animations are highly complex. For this, the NFT art must be 3D modeled first, next to the avatar texture, then rendering, and last the lighting, and it must be done all over again for perfect rigging and animation.

After enough time, the avatars are ready to upload and conquer the metaverse. Ava Area is established in the market to make it possible for crypto enthusiasts to earn money with these NFTs.

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The Ava Area virtual world uses Ethereum blockchain technology and 3D NFTs to empower the players and creators. 3D NFT avatars are an emerging segment in the global game market: virtual tokens for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. Each 3D NFT avatar is distinct or unique. It is inseparable and not interchangeable with another. 

Moreover, Ava Area is a play-to-earn Battle arena game to compete 3D NFT avatars with each other who’re either created or purchased on the website. It is a unique platform having many 3D turn-based role-playing online video Ethereum blockchain games.

In addition to that, the newly launched platform provides players ownership of in-game items by owning NFTs. People who participate in tournaments and NFT battles can not only enjoy, they can also collect valuable items and even increase the value of things while playing games solo or in a team. 

Thanks to the blockchain of items, owners of 3D NFT avatars can sell, exchange, and auction transparently on the Ava Area NFT marketplace.

One of the strengths of the game is the nature of the community. Thus, the game offers a fantastic mechanism that the player and their friends can enjoy the crypto rewards together forever. In short, the game is easy to play for money and to collect valuable items. 

An AVATAR is an in-game representation of a player, which may be modified piece by piece by the owner. An avatar has specific specifications and format. It comes with a default set of animations such as walking, running, jumping, and fighting as per the database.

Specifically, in the case of this 3D NFT avatar, you will be able to modify them piece by piece (helmet, arms, torso, legs, etc.) and then equip it with a compatible ASSET token.

The Ava Area team consists of well-known graphic artists, designers and developers who have worked for Activision, Blizzard, Ubisoft and Pixels, among others.