Crypto Space Agency

Crypto Space Agency Sends First ‘Cryptonaut’ to Space

Web3 Community Makes History by Sending the First Ever Representative of the Crypto Community into Space

The Crypto Space Agency (CSA), the space agency for the crypto nation, has sponsored a seat for one of its community members on the fifth crewed flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket.

In an historic moment that begins to reveal the real-world impact that Web3—and NFTs in particular—can have, CSA is making space travel accessible to ordinary people.

There have only been an average of six people in space at any given time despite trillions of dollars spent by national space agencies over the last few decades. The CSA is built on the premise that the space and crypto sectors share a common vision for greater political and economic freedom, and that together they can unlock the power of humanity’s imagination and passion for space.

“Fielding a space program is a coming-of-age moment for emerging nations. This is that moment for the crypto nation which makes the first Cryptonaut deeply symbolic,” said Joshua Skurla, founder, CSA.

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“This is just the beginning of Web3 platforms transforming human society in real life.”

In addition to space travel, the CSA is investing in new approaches to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, asteroid defense, and incubating offworld commercial endeavors.

The CSA made 5,555 Gen 1 NFTs available on the market on April 25, 2022, promising NFT holders the opportunity to fly to space. On April 30, the company used an on-chain randomizer to select its first Cryptonaut: Victor Hespanha, a 28-year-old Brazilian engineer and first time NFT buyer. Passionate about space, Hespanha invested in the asset as part of his portfolio diversification strategy.

“I bought it thinking about the valuation potential,” said Hespanha.

“I never imagined that mine would be drawn. The CSA is making my childhood dream come true through an NFT.”

Hespanha will be only the second Brazilian to ever fly to space.

The CSA plans to send another NFT holder into space before the end of the year.

“Victor stepped out of the real world when he bought his first NFT, and now he is literally leaving the planet. It’s a Matrix moment,” said Sam Hutchison, founder, CSA.

“Web3 is blurring the line between fantasy and reality, and the CSA is bringing these incredible down-the-rabbit-hole experiences to its members.”

Memberships in the CSA are available. Supporters can still mint Gen 1 NFTs for 0.25 ETH. Gen 1 NFT holders will receive exclusive benefits, including airdrops of future NFT space collections, merchandise, original content, and allow list access on future membership and token offerings, in addition to the repeat opportunity to fly to space.

NFT proceeds and 7.5% secondary sales royalty fee will be used to fund new approaches to the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, asteroid defence, incubating off world commercial endeavours and additional member spaceflight activities.