First-ever Real Horse MYKONOS 50 entering the Metaverse Soon

MYKONOS 50, an Anglo-Arabian Crossbreed Horse

Thanks to the most futuristic and lucrative yet engaging GameFi Metahorse, now everyone will stand a chance to own a real horse.

Now that the beta version launch of Metahorse is near, it is soon putting up the first real horse, MYKONOS 50, in the Metaverse space.

The MYKONOS 50 is a cross-breed Anglo-Arabian horse. An offspring of a thoroughbred Anglo and an Arabian racehorse with a remarkable track record of crossing the final check post in the top spots. This bay-coloured horse was born in Spain in January 2010 and currently, it is in Al Dhabi Horse Riding Stable (Dubai, UAE.)


According to the chairman of Metahorse, MetaWin,

Metahorse is an idea that, unlike other Metaverse projects, will connect the real world with the Metaverse – the parallel virtual universe. To transform this idea into reality, the Metahorse team is concentrating its efforts to develop a state-of-the-art digital horse ecosystem that will connect the physical horse ecosystem with Metaverse.

It has already signed several MOUs with the various stakeholders of the physical horse industry and as per its views, the time has almost come to connect reality with the digital.

To celebrate the entry of MYKONOS 50 into the Metaverse, MetaWin wants the community members to witness the event. He has said that the MYKONOS 50 will be the first horse to enter the Metaverse, and it will also be the first horse to get Meta in his name. After renaming it will be called METAKONOS in the Metaverse.

Besides that, Metahorse will soon find a new owner for METAKONOS and it will take its owner into the Metaverse. That blessed owner of METAKONOS will also be given a Meta title and a personalized NFT to ensure a smooth entry into the Metaverse.

According to the official details, the ownership rights of METAKONOS will be transferred to the new owner via Metahorse NFT. The ownership of METAKONOS will be pegged with METAKONOS NFT by Metahorse.

If the new owner sells the METAKONOS NFT, the horse rights will also be transferred to the next buyer. So, holding the METAKONOS NFT is fundamental to the ownership of real-horse and for having a representation in the Metaverse too.