Hoskinsea and Pavia to Setup Virtual Headquarters On The Metaverse

Hoskinsea launched on the first of March as the biggest decentralized NFT marketplace on the cardano network. 

 Hoskinsea has chosen virtual world Pavia, perhaps the most well-known and respected metaverse in the Cardano ecosystem, as it seemed the logical choice for their very first Hoskinsea HQ.

Hoskinsea launched on the first of March as the biggest decentralized NFT marketplace on the cardano network. 

The HSK token is now available on hoskinsea seed sale page, where users can purchase NFTs and pay for transaction fees on the marketplace. 

The partnership is the first on the Cardano Ecosystem and marks another huge milestone for the Hoskinsea team as they establish themselves as a key ecosystem on cardano.

Pavia came to life in 2021 and quickly captured the hearts and minds of many within the Cardano ecosystem. Just a few weeks ago on 10th February they also won the Best Virtual World Award at the annual NFT Awards, hosted in Decentraland. Beating competitors from rival blockchains demonstrates just how far the Pavia team has come in such a short space of time.

The company have budgeted a total of 100 plots of land, of which they have already acquired one within Pavia that they’ll be developing into their virtual HQ.

According to the Hoskinsea team:

“Our virtual HQ will be a place for visitors of this metaverse to come and interact with Hoskinsea ecosystem like never before. One can explore the metaverse and stay plugged in while they discuss the finances of making an investment in such a place. Visitors will be able to explore the benefits of our platform in an immersive and interesting way.”

More recently the team explained the reasons they chose Pavia over other Metaverses,

“Pavia is the first Cardano specific metaverse. Due to our connection to Cardano, it was an easy choice for our first entry into the metaverse. We know that Pavia is in its initial stages of development and we’re excited to be along for the journey.”

Hoskinsea is a cross-chain NFT marketplace, who intend to expand their reach into other metaverses in the future.

At Hoskinsea, they intend to be at the forefront of developments in the crypto space. The most certain aspect of the crypto space is the need for financial tools. By partnering with Pavia and similar class-leading projects this will help to ensure their place in the future of Web3. 

The benefits of working in the metaverse over the physical world are summed up neatly COO Wilson:

“In general the metaverse will have functionalities that would be impossible in the physical world. We plan to take advantage of these benefits. Creating events where individuals from around the world can meet instantly and discuss ideas in a unique way. We’re seeing just the tip of the iceberg of the many ways metaverses will provide additional utilities for our community.”