P2E.Game launches E2E (Email To Earn) products

The P2E.Game team consists of early investors of cryptocurrency and industry veterans

P2E.Game has upgraded its platform functions after several rounds of beta testing and opinion collection and launched E2E concepts and products to help projects find target players in the P2E game and social system and adopt effective marketing strategies based on user behaviour.

P2E.Game launches the launchpad section to assist users in selecting the most valuable project in multiple dimensions.

P2E.Game has launched E2E (Email To Earn) products to resolve the long-standing problems of imprecise user groups and wasted marketing expenses by bonding projects with users through a more effective Web3-sense of marketing.

In addition, users could also find a global GameFi community to communicate ideas and share insights in a DAO-driven governing system and even become opinion leaders of the community where they can build their own fan groups. 

The P2E.Game team consists of early investors of cryptocurrency and industry veterans, and aims to build a free, open, and transparent GameFi and NFT portal through the combination of innovative economic models and platforms, and to simplify the GameFi and NFT projects through rich integration and user-friendly experiences. 

In June 2022, the NFT trading volume exceeded $25 billion, with a 20% growth rate from January, and the trading volume of GameFi also hit over $100 billion. However, what lies behind the high-speed development is the imperfect infrastructure.

From the perspective of game players, there is a high bar for the entry of non-blockchain users, while there is no comprehensive GameFi and NFT aggregation platform. On the other hand, game publishers lack a solid player base and guild expansion. 

P2E.Game Roadmap

After six months, P2E.Game has launched a one-stop aggregation platform for NFT and GameFi that integrates the four sections of Launchpad, Game Library, NFT aggregator, and News section, becoming an indispensable portal for players to enter the metaverse by linking players, projects, platforms, guilds, and upstream and downstream resources.

Users can easily find scores and comparisons on various dimensions of different launch pads on the Launchpad, such as platform prices, market cap, TVL, trading volume, IDO project number, and ROI, saving them time and allowing them to respond to market speed and make timely decisions.

In the Game library, users would find games based on their market performance, project progress, social score and other indispensable factors to determine whether a project is worth attention. 

In the NFT Aggregator section, users could find popular collections, new listings, and upcoming events. By clicking on that info, users would be directly channeled to the platforms to mint NFTs.

In addition, rankings by trading volume and other criteria, as well as whale movements, could also be found. 

In the News section, players could learn about what is happening in the GameFi track, whether it is a new investment event or a public test that a project is conducting. P2E Game says it will make sure users always have access to the most valuable information on the market. 

At present, P2E.Game has accelerated global development and expansion, covering such countries as Singapore, Japan, Korea, Germany, and Canada. The official website has been upgraded to be compatible with ten languages and to promote the localization of the community in different countries.