Platinum Pilots Club

Platinum Pilots Club lets you travel the world using your own unique Platinum Pilots NFT

The collection will be run on the Ethereum Blockchain, and NFTs will be purchased using ETH

Becoming a member of the exclusive Platinum Pilots Club is your chance to experience luxury travel, meet likeminded people, see the most beautiful and unreal places on earth and make unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime?

It’s the project’s mission to make all this possible for you. Forget about budget and planning headaches and leave all of that to them, they will allow you travel in style, let your pilot take you to paradise in the sun.

When you buy a Platinum Pilot, you are buying into a club whose benefits will increase over time. Your Platinum Pilot can become your digital identity, opening digital AND many real-life opportunities for you.

It’s a very strong and passionate community where people share ideas together, incorporating your opinions and ideas into future drops. Profit of the partnerships that are being built with travel blogs, local experts, and some of the most extraordinary destinations worldwide to deliver a unique experience to you.  

In a raffle exclusively for NFT holders you have the chance to win your vacation in paradise. The team will take care of all the planning, making your trip headache-free. Each package is unique and full of extraordinary experiences that you will remember forever. A unique chance to travel in still and explore paradise.

Platinum Pilots Club

Current stage & Collection

The collection will be run on the Ethereum Blockchain, and NFTs will be purchased using ETH. The anticipated public sale is scheduled for the end of June. The project has received a lot of traction in the early days, reaching over 10.000 Twitter followers and 5.000 active Discord members in just the first week.

The artist behind the project is Gregor Forster a trained illustrator, based near Zurich, Switzerland. His projects range from illustrating colourful children’s and educational books as well as illustrations for advertising and editorial projects.

Working closely with Decentral Parc to bring their vision of a NFT collection and its visual world to life is now part of this range.

Some numbers on the project:

  •     10.000+ members in the first week  
  •    149 traits with male and female pilots     
  •    9.999 pilots for sale     
  •    1.000 physical and custom pilot badges     
  •    Giveaways and Airdrops     
  •    Pre-Sale Price and Public Mint price will be announced on discord