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Johnny Depp donates $800,000 from NFTs sale

Johnny Depp NFT collection on OpenSea features images of several figures that Depp calls “friends and heroes.”

Johnny Depp has donated nearly $800,000 (£666,530) to three hospitals and a charity through his NFT art sale.

As promised, the money raised was split between Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, The Footprint Coalition and The Los Angeles Children’s Hospital Charity.

One of the four organizations receiving a donation is the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, to which Amber Heard had promised a donation, after her divorce – and didn’t honour.

Johnny Depp Never Fear Truth

“We are grateful and very thankful to the Never Fear Truth community for this tremendous accomplishment – making this project one of the most philanthropic NFT sales to date – and we are excited to build on this success and making an even greater impact going forward,” another tweet reads.

Never Fear Truth

Launched this January, the “Never Fear Truth” collection features 3,850 NFTs depicts artwork Depp labels at the nexus of pop and street art, reusing pop culture images of prominent figures in our media ecosystem like Heath Ledger, Hunter S. Thompson, Tim Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Lily-Rose Depp, Al Pacino, and River Phoenix.

More than 600 of the NFTs in his collection are images of Depp.

Never Fear The Truth NFTS

Charity Donations

At launch Depp had promised that twenty-five percent of the proceeds from the sale of these NFTs (after sales taxes in certain countries and costs) would be donated to charities Johnny has supported for many years, as well as charities close to the subjects of his work.

As a best estimate, this equates to seventeen and a half (17.5) percent of the sale price of these NFTs which will be received by the following charities:

  • The Los Angeles Children’s Hospital Charity (US charity / tax ID number 95-1690977) (4.375%)
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (registered U.K. charity no. 1160024) (4.375%)
  • Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation (Australian Charitable Collections Licence number 22066) (4.375%)
  • 4.375% to other charities.

All percentages subject to VAT if applicable.