Rarible Launches Free NFT Marketplace Builder Using Polygon

Any Polygon-based NFT group will have access to the new Rarible self-service tool

Rarible has launched its NFT platform creator for Polygon-based NFT collections, where any Polygon-based NFT group will have access to the new self-service tool, enabling them to construct their own individualized markets and engage with their communities at no cost.

“Community marketplaces will become a gateway for new users to enter NFTs. They change the NFT buying and selling experience by making it much simpler which in turn makes it easier for new users to come onboard,” Alexei Falin, Co-founder and CEO of Rarible said.

“We see community marketplaces as the future of NFT buying and selling and we believe every project should have its own marketplace. The self-serve tool is vital for making this happen,”

“We’ve seen the Polygon NFT market gain tremendous traction. When discussing which chain would be next for our marketplace builder tool, Polygon was the clear choice.”

With no coding knowledge necessary and zero additional fees, the Rarible NFT marketplace builder provides users with multiple features such as minting NFTs on Polygon and creating personalized storefronts. In addition to these capabilities, their aggregation tool also allows customers to access collections from other popular secondary markets.

In addition to these features, the aggregation tool they provide enables consumers to access collections from various well-known secondary marketplaces.

As a result of the fact that the marketplace builder supports Ethereum ERC-721 collections in addition to ERC-1155 collections, it is now feasible for developers to make use of a wide variety of blockchains.

Rarible also provides a “white glove” solution for those projects that require specialized features and adjustments for their respective marketplaces. With this service’s help, projects can collaborate directly alongside Rarible’s team to design a bespoke marketplace that caters to their particular requirements.

Falin believes that we will see more major brands from various industries entering the NFT market, which will make tools, including such custom NFT marketplace contractors, growingly important.

Although we can not predict how the crypto and NFT businesses will transform in the years ahead, Falin believes that we will witness more big brands entering the NFT market.

“I believe that 2023 will be the year in which a greater number of significant businesses across all industries will execute strategies revolving around NFTs. Every year brings new breakthroughs; this time we should see fresh applications for blockchain technology arise,” he stated.