Twitter expanding Tweet Tiles for NFTs

Tweet Tiles will automatically expand links to NFT marketplaces

Twitter is to expand a feature called Tweet Tiles in order to enhance links to certain NFT marketplaces.

The new feature allows users to include a link to an NFT on an external site. The link will automatically expand to show a full-size image of the NFT, plus metadata and a link to its location on its respective marketplace.

Rarible, Magic Eden, Dapper Labs and GuardianLink’s marketplaces have been selected for the pilot. As a result, the featured partners will be able to display colourful NFTs directly within Tweets for the first time.

The format allows for a larger picture of the NFT to be displayed alongside metadata such as the title and creator.

In August, Twitter tested the Tweet Tiles feature with three news publications: the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian. At that time, the feature was used to expand news articles, not NFT-related posts.

Tweet Tiles expand the creative canvas of a Tweet and give developers more options to engage with audiences on Twitter in a visually appealing, interactive, and customizable way.

The ability to embed NFTs, complete with pertinent information and a direct marketplace link, will drive sales and support discovery of new and trending collections.

For those in the test group, this Tweet Tiles pilot will be visible across iOS and Web for the NFT marketplaces featured.

Elon Musk also completed his acquisition of Twitter today, though it is unclear whether he intends to follow through on his crypto plans such as Dogecoin integration and micropayments.